Shadowrun Attitude’s Cleavage-Baring Cover Triggers Game Journalist
Shadowrun Attitude

Catalyst Game Labs’ Shadowrun Attitude is a  2011 sourcebook for gamers looking to dive into the knowledge and information surrounding the Sixth World culture. It’s currently available right now from DriveThruRPG for $14.99. The textual repository features an eye-catching cover by Echo Chernik, and the cleavage on display was enough to trigger a game journalist.

PC Gamer, PocketGamer, and board game reviewer Matt Thrower put his blue checkmark to use on Twitter to shame the artist of the Shadowrun Attitude cover. Thrower deliberated in public about whether he should review the sourcebook because there were no “shirtless men on any side of the box”. He posted the following tweets on July 19th, 2019 decrying the sex appeal on display of Catalyst Game Labs’ new book.

Judging by the replies to likes ratio it’s quite obvious what most people thought about Thrower’s opinion on the artwork for Catalyst Game Lab’s new Shadowrun sourcebook.

Instead of throwing up the tired and uninspired clown meme, there were plenty of women in Thrower’s thread mocking him for being afraid of their boobs.

A few people took the opportunity to post up images of games and covers featuring artwork of bare chested men looking sculpted and sexy on the front of the box.

Some of these examples included Jin Kazama from Tekken, Kratos from last year’s God of War outing, and even Connor McGregor from the cover of EA Sports’ UFC. Oh yeah, and He-Man.

Others took Thrower to task for being afraid of the female anatomy, while a few more criticized him for being sexist against sexy women. The rest posted memes befitting of Thrower’s aversion to appreciating the female form.

Unfortunately, Thrower’s reaction is the typical one among game journalists and the media in general: they hate sexy women.

This kind of agenda-driven media propagation among both enthusiast and mainstream sources has led to people being misled into believing that enjoying the depiction of sexy women is wrong, evil, sexist, and misogynistic. Everywhere you turn the media is lambasting men for being men, and shaming sexy women with big boobs by telling them to either cover up or that they’re being objectified, even when they choose to display their lovely assets as they see fit.

This kind of puritanical regression in our society has actually resulted in a lot of beautiful women losing their jobs, from the walk-on models at dart championships, to car show models, to the grid girls. All of them are now out of work due to the media and feminists kicking up a storm because they hate Western beauty, they hate Western standards, and they hate Western culture.

In this case, a PC Gamer contributor has taken aim at Echo Chernik’s lovely artwork for Shadowrun Attitude, which you can view in full below.

Shadowrun Attidude - Echo Chernik

So far, Thrower hasn’t made any rebuttals to the pushback he’s received for shaming Chernik’s artwork or Catalyst Game Labs’ sourcebook. The only response from game journalists as of the writing of this article has been PC Gamer writer James Davenport replying to a tweet in a thread saying that he loves soy.

Nevertheless, hopefully this doesn’t result in Catalyst pulling the book or changing the artwork, which has been a common tactic among many publishers when the media complains about something being “sexist”, “racist”, “transphobic”, or “problematic”.

However, if you want to support Chernik directly and purchase some anti-politically correct and clearly NSFW images from the artist, you can do so by visiting her official website.

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