Shantae 5’s Opening Is Animated By Studio Trigger, Featuring Boobs, Bombs And Broken Legs
Shantae 5

Can’t wait for the release of Shantae 5 on home consoles and PC later this year? Well, at this year’s Anime Expo event in Los Angeles, California, WayForward announced their collaboration with the animation outfit Studio Trigger. This collaboration included the Japanese animation company producing the intro cinematic for Shantae 5, which features plenty of sex appeal that spans boob bouncing and hip shaking for fan-service aficionados out there that stretch across the globe.

The intro clocks in at just 30 seconds, but it’s chock full of color, lots of lively animations, and a good, thorough look at Shantae’s rhythmic movements and belly-dancing antics.

You can check out the intro cinematic from Studio Trigger below.

For those of you unfamiliar with Trigger, they’re best known for producing Kill La Kill, which is actually set to receive its first major console release on July 25th at the end of the month for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC.

The company is known for giving their female characters a ton of sex appeal with curvaceous designs, and mesmeric movements.

The intro just isn’t about fan-service, though. There’s also a ton of action taking place, including exploding bombs, Rotty Tops taking off her leg to use it as a weapon, along with the rest of the cast of characters making brief cameos throughout the intro sequence.

Shantae 5 - Rotty Tops

We don’t know much about Shantae 5, other than that it will take a lot of what WayForward included in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero and improve on it.

The last outing wasn’t quite a Metroidvania, but it did include a lot of level backtracking, where players could replay levels to acquire new items or complete sidequests. It was like a mission-oriented version of Super Mario 64, where you could replay the levels and discover new areas or explore new regions after unlocking new abilities.

We’ll have to wait until later into 2019 to get more details on the gameplay mechanics and levels, but hopefully they don’t attempt to cater to the political fringes of our society standing at the corner of Insanity and Degeneracy. The Twitter comments from the game director for River City Girls were not at all inspiring, and that’s a good way to turn off a large portion of potential buyers.

Anyway, Shantae 5 is due out later this year for the Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and the PS4.

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