Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 Patch Includes Law System, Hacking, Space Stations, Weapon Degradation
Star Citizen 3 6

Roberts Space Industries announced that alpha 3.6 has become available for backers of Star Citizen, introducing a ton of new features to the game, including the new law and order morality system, all new space station truck stop variants, and a ton of new weapons for the ships and the player-characters, along with weapon degradation.

The full list of the patch notes is available over on the Roberts Space Industry website, but the short gist of it is that the law system now punishes you for stealing other player ships, stealing cargo, smuggling stolen cargo to space pawns, attacking law enforcers, attacking citizens, or openly carrying weapons beyond the checkpoints. You can also get into trouble for firing on friendly spacecraft, attacking merchant ships with the intent of robbing their cargo, or engaging in unsanctioned bounty hunting.

The law system also works the other way, where you can become a bounty hunter and track down offending players to claim credits on their head, or partake in distress beacon mission where players with low morale will need to be brought to justice before they flee the scene of a crime.

The concept of the moral system is awesome, and there are escalation points based on the type of crime you commit and whether or not you keep committing crimes. Your crime status will be affected per sector, so you might be wanted in one jurisdiction but innocent in another. The higher your crime rating in a jurisdiction, the more law enforcement (and bounty hunters) will be on the lookout for your presence.

Every action has a consequence and the more consequences you rack up the greater the escalation of the forces that will come bearing down on you for penance. There are also checkpoint scans where law enforcers will scan your ship to see if you have any stolen goods on board or if you have a warrant on your head. If you’re clean they’ll let you go, if you have a warrant then you’ll need to either pay a fine or get taken in by the law enforcers.

However, if you decide to stick with your life of crime there are some sweet rewards for it. Black market dealers are always happy to offload your cargo of stolen drugs, weapons, resources, or even ships. Much like Grand Theft Auto you can head to a junker station and trade in the ship you’ve stolen for some extra credits.

Star Citizen - BlackMarket_Levski_062019-Min

The crime star management system will also determine what grade of missions will be available to you on the black market as a criminal. The higher the crime the higher the reward.

So maybe you’ll want to be a slick smuggler transporting someone’s stolen cargo from one star system to the next? Well, you can do that and maybe the risks won’t be too high if you aren’t wanted. Stealing an expensive ship and transporting it to another sector? Well, now you might have a group of bounty hunters on your arse, and you better pray that your quantum drive doesn’t crap out on you during an epic chase through an asteroid field.

And speaking of ships, the new kiosk ship purchasing is now up and available, giving citizens of the stars an opportunity to purchase up to 90 different flyable ships using in-game currency spread throughout the terminals in the in-game universe both for single-player offline play and online persistent universe play.

Star Citizen – Pistol_Resized_062019-Min

And speaking of weapons, the new ship repeaters have been added to the line-up of firepower for ships, along with the all new attachment system for the personal firearms. Keep mind of your arsenal, however, because the more weapons you use the more it degrades the quality of the weapon. You’ll need to keep the weapons repaired and the parts replaced when they wear down. This applies to both personal firearms and your ship’s weapon systems.

Weapon degradation works much like parts degradation on the ships. Parts in perfect condition will never misfire or malfunction, whereas weapons or ship parts that have a lot of wear and tear on them will misfire or fail to start, or in some cases result in a shutdown of the ship’s systems.

High-end weapons and high-end weapon maintenance can be expensive, though, which is why it’s easy to see why some players might resort to a life of crime to attain a small taste of the high-life among the stars.

Bored Gamer also covers some of the features in the latest alpha 3.6 update, which you can check below.

One of the new ground vehicles for the game is the ground-to-air tanker, the Anvil Ballista, which is featured at the beginning of the video. The tanker contains enough armament to shoot down a flying vehicle within close range. It’s a good vehicle to keep on hand at a remote outpost or base, especially if you run a guild with a lot of valuables located on some life-forsaken planet, but you want to ensure that no bandits rob your base using an air raid.

The new hacking tool has also been implemented. It allows you to attach the hacking device to your MobiGlas and use a one-time hack to carry out various purposes, from unlocking doors, to hacking computers to lower your crime rating, to acquiring data for a mission.

It’s mentioned that the hacking is crude, but effective for the time being. Expect it to be upgraded over time with newer patches.

Star Citizen - Space Station

Star Citizen has come a long ways over the last seven years. I know a lot of people are angry that it’s not finished, but the persistent universe aspect of the game will keep getting upgraded much like World of Warcraft. Right now the persistent universe has a ton of content, much more than any other AAA game currently on the market. It also really captures the cyberpunk vibe much better than CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. That’s a real shame because it’s not like RSI and Cloud Imperium Games were trying to make a cyberpunk game.

As for the single-player campaign… it’s still scheduled to release by 2020. I hope they take their time and don’t rush it too much, because rushing the single-player campaign out just to meet the demands of those who are impatient will result in it being a buggy, broken mess, and then those same people who demanded that it be released will turn around and rag on the game for being broken.

Patience is a virtue.

Right now Cloud Imperium Games is the only development studio working on a REAL AAA game that isn’t just a reskin, or more Leftist propaganda. And since you can actually play the progress that they’re making on the game – I mean there are YouTube videos and livestreams available so you can see what the game is like – you get an idea of just how far the project has come and just how far away all the competition is when it comes to fidelity and functionality.

I mean, just check out this gameplay clip from Juju M and tell me it isn’t awesome.

I can’t wait to see what the game is like when it finally hits beta.

You can learn more about Star Citizen or download the latest alpha by visiting the official website.


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