Straight Pride Parade Creators Face Censorship, Deplatforming
Super Happy Fun America

There are a lot of heterophobes out there on the internet, especially in today’s society where the media and the Left have worked hard to demonize straight people at every turn, so much so that places like Twitter are filled with straight-hating groups ready at every instance to demonize heterosexuality, which was duly on display when the Straight Pride Parade was first announced. Moreover, the creators of the Straight Pride Parade, Super Happy Fun America, are currently in a fight for their right to speak given that various forces are trying to silence them and bring an end to the Straight Pride Parade.

The group posted an update over on their Facebook page informing followers that Blue Host had suspended their webhosting services at the request of JP Morgan.

On July 12th, 2019 they wrote…

“Our website has been taken down by Bluehost! We received a letter from Bluehost sataing that JPMorgan was claiming that their NAME was trademarked, and we literally could not post the words “JPMorgan” on our website: “Please note that ‘JP Morgan’ in text is still a trademark.”


“Because of this, our site was taken down.”

Apparently they moved over to a different host because you can still access the website.

They also plan on recreating the site and updating their images and graphics to avoid any other kind of legal backlash from the people trying to take down the Straight Pride Parade. They’re still trying to raise funds through a GoFundMe page at the moment.

On the Facebook page, however, they explained…

“JP Morgan Inc. just had our web site shut down claiming we had no right to mention their name, which is ludicrous. Our online store has been shut down by Teespring Inc. Even our software to communicate with the press has been shut down. We found out today that our emails were not being sent by our server this week because we are “blacklisted.” Those opposed to us are making it impossible to raise money or even exercise free speech.”

If you visit the Super Happy Fun America website there is a post with a letter from Teesprings explaining that they will no longer be offering t-shirts for the Straight Pride Parade.

According to the image they shared, the t-shirt that adds an ‘S’ at the end of LGBTQ (meaning “Straight” is included with the other abbreviated letters) was “terminated” due to “content concerns”.

View post on

If you can’t read the message, the relevant part states…

“We are writing to you today because your campaign, LGBTQS at [link], has been terminated early due to content concerns. It appears your campaign may be using content owned by a third party. It appears your campaign may be in violation of our Acceptable Use policies at [link].


“Please understand that in the interest of maintaining a safe and respectful platform, Teespring must take action quickly in response to complaints that a campaign may be in violation of our Acceptable Use Policies.”

In a follow-up post that was published over on Facebook on July 13th, 2019, the Super Happy Fun America team made it known that everything they’re doing is being done voluntary.

They’re still pressing forward even in the face of censorship and deplatforming, with the team writing…

“[…] It has been a stressful week for all of us here at super happy fun America getting banned off of three platforms in one week. We are an all-volunteer workforce, and this has become an unpaid part-time job for all of us. We had to put up our fundraiser quickly not only to get a few dollars to transition over to a new platform, but also to make people aware of the censorship that has been going on. what keeps everyone on the team going is the fact that we all believe that this is a turning point free speech and free expression in this country, and this is a battle worth fighting. If anyone feels like they can’t help us out right now, we would greatly appreciate it if they were to share our story with their friends and see if they are willing to help us in this battle. Thanks”

It was obvious that the Rainbow Reich hates heterosexuals and hates the idea that anyone could even have pride in being straight, so they’re exerting a great deal of effort and hatred in trying to shut down Super Happy Fun America in an attempt to derail the Straight Pride Parade set to take place at the end of August.

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