Teppen, Capcom’s Newest Card Game Releases On Android And IOS Devices


Capcom has taken the plunge and entered the mobile card game market with it’s new game, Teppen. Teppen was created in a joint venture between Capcom and GungHo Online Entertainment. Currently it is available for IOS and Android devices in North America and Europe. Availability in Asia and Japan is slated to be added “later”. Personally, I find it odd that Japan was not added to the initial launch.

Teppen’s hook, as it were, is the use of Capcom properties as the cards. Each card featuring original artwork created specifically for Teppen. The game plays like a weird mix between a CCG, a real time strategy game, and a turn based strategy game. Sadly, there have been some early players calling the game rather bland. Watching the official announcement video on YouTube will give you a better idea of how this game plays out. I was unable to download the game due to my phone being junk but I can honestly say I was not interested in doing so anyway.

As of the launch… there are only eight playable characters to choose from. Ryu and Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series. X from the Mega Man X franchise. Morrigan from the Dark Stalkers series. Dante from the Devil May Cry franchise. Albert Wesker of Resident Evil fame. Lastly we have Rathalos and Nergigante from the Monster Hunter series of games.

The currently available cards are also from the previously mentioned Capcom franchises. As reported by EventHubs, more playable characters and cards are said to be on the way so expect to see more Capcom fan favorites showing up in Teppen. In addition to the unique art for the game there will be voice acting for several characters. Kyle Hebert voicing Ryu one more time.

Teppen is a free to play game so there are quite a bit of microtransactions already. You can purchase jewels with cash to then use said jewels to purchase booster packs and such. You can earn jewels during game play but don’t expect to get  jewels fast enough to be a competitive non-paying player.

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