Terminator: Dark Fate Director Continues To Kill Interest With Woke Jab At “Misogynists”
Terminator Dark Fate Woke SJW Misogynists

What’s the best way to ensure that people don’t show up at a movie theater to watch propaganda? Let them know beforehand that the movie is propaganda and anyone who doesn’t accept said propaganda is a “misogynist”. That appears to be the strategy that Terminator: Dark Fate director Tim Miller is using to remind people that the film is definitely woke.

The Playlist picked up the news from an interview that Miller had with Variety, where he defended the casting choice of Davis, and took aim at anyone who criticized her for the role because she looked like a frail boy cosplaying as a butch woman, saying…

“Before we brought in screenwriters, we did a room with novelists at my request because they’re world builders and we’re reinventing the franchise. One was Joe Abercrombie [the “First Law” series], who pointed out that the “Terminator” films tend to have a trinity of main characters. One of those is the protector, the Kyle Reese character.


“Joe came out with this idea that a new protector from the future is a machine fighter. It’s a painful life, and they’re scarred and take a lot of drugs to combat the pain of what’s been done to them. They don’t live a long time. It’s a very sacrificial role; they risk death to save others. And from the very first suggestion it was always a woman. We had to look for someone who has the physicality, but I’m very sensitive to actors. I didn’t just want a woman who could physically fit the role but emotionally as well. Mackenzie really wanted to do it; she came after the role. She worked harder than anybody.


“[…] If you’re at all enlightened, she’ll play like gangbusters. If you’re a closet misogynist, she’ll scare the f–k out of you, because she’s tough and strong but very feminine. We did not trade certain gender traits for others; she’s just very strong, and that frightens some dudes. You can see online the responses to some of the early s–t that’s out there, trolls on the internet. I don’t give a f–k.”

So basically, anyone who criticized Terminator: Dark Fate for looking like a feminazi picture come to life, you’re a “misogynist” in the eyes of the media and the film’s director.

Since they’ve already lost the patronage of most people who are tired of films getting woke, one can only wonder if the namesake of Terminator is enough to carry the film through at the box office?

Terminator: Genisys, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, wasn’t anywhere near as outwardly politically charged as Dark Fate during its marketing run and it still hobbled out of theaters with only $89 million in domestic gross, according to Box Office Mojo.

YouTubers like Mr H Reviews are already calling out the upcoming film as “getting woke and going broke” after the plot leak happened and the reshoots were silently announced.

With Miller taking aim at fans months before Terminator: Dark Fate hits theaters, I can only be reminded of the Ghostbusters 2016 debacle where the director and the actresses also levied their proverbial cannons at potential film goers and fired foolhardily into the crowd, netting it a nice, comfy spot on the Get Woke; Go Broke – Master List.

Given that Terminator: Dark Fate is already carrying the baggage of a franchise many believe should have died once the credits for Terminator 2 rolled, along with the media and the director stoking the flames of outrage culture by labeling critics of the film as “misogynists”, there’s a net-negative chance for its success, and a strong likelihood that the film will bomb right out of the gate. Unless, of course, they can somehow turn the marketing around and give fans a reason to show up at the theaters this November… but that seems unlikely at this point.

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