The Red Sea Diving Resort Trailer Has Chris Evans Trying To Rescue Refugees And Sneak Them Into Israel
The Red Sea Diving Resort

While a bunch of Western nations have been tasked and almost coerced into taking in African refugees to support the globalist agenda, it’s rare that we hear about countries like Israel being tasked with doing the same. Well, given that Netflix is a streaming company whose main goal seems to subvert cultural norms for their own political purposes, it should come as no surprise that they have a film based on a true story about stuffing more African refugees into Israel.

The name of the film is called The Red Sea Diving Resort, and it’s about Chris Evans leading a crew of activists attempting to save Ethiopian refugees from genocide by sneaking them into Sudan and then transporting them over to Israel.

The timing of the movie is quite telling, especially given that Israel is currently trying to deport tens of thousands of African migrants, calling them “infiltrators”, as reported by Newsweek.

In the article, which was published back in January of 2018, they explained…

”There are currently around 38,000 African migrants living in Israel, and the government argues that expelling them is necessary to maintain the Jewish character of the state. Demographics has been a hot-button issue in Israel since its founding, and some politicians warn that a large number of Arabs living in Israel poses an existential threat to the country.”

It’s interesting because when European countries complained about similar issues – losing the character of their nation and the integrity of their culture due to a clash taking place from a mass amount of migrants invading their land – they’re called “racist”.

This is despite the fact that Britain, Sweden, and Germany now have “no go zones” due to how violent migrants have become, reducing said developed nations into third-world states of violence and rape.

Israel, however, is actively fighting back against the migrant crisis, trying to opt out of housing migrants and even going the extra mile to deport them or enact violence against them to make it as unwelcoming a place for them as possible. Israel’s actions, however,  has resulted in Ethiopian migrants rebelling against Israel with protests and public displays of violence.

Netflix is funnily enough pushing the propaganda of how good and noble it is to bring more migrants into a country, even though Israelis are now in a position where they just do not want more migrants coming in and culturally erasing the Jewish identity from their society.

The irony is also too thick to cut through with a razor saw given that Israel is one of the places that has been instrumental in housing discussions about Europe’s role in the migration crisis. As reported by Israel Hayom….

“European diplomats gather in Tel Aviv for a presentation by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs on its recent study on the legal, security and cultural implications of the European immigration crisis. ‘Israel must be prepared for a new paradigm of relations with Europe,’ says JCPA president Dore Gold.”

So there’s some obvious schadenfreude to be had given that Netflix is using its platform to promote migration agitprop for Israel, while in real life Israel is trying to find ways to deport Africans and get rid of the Ethiopian migrants.

I imagine there are going to be a lot of red faces at the next meeting in Tel Aviv with the European Union when they discuss Israel’s role in taking in refugees and dealing with migrants.


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