The Rocketeer Sneak Peek Reveals A Gender-Swapped Take On The Iconic Hero
The Rocketeer

Disney released a new trailer for The Rocketeer, giving viewers a sneak peek at the upcoming show set to air on Disney Junior. It features a gender-swapped take on the iconic hero, this time with a female named Kit Second taking on the role of the Rocketeer with a little help from her pet dog.

The teaser trailer doesn’t do much to explain what’s going on or how Kit came into the the jetpack, but she uses the trigger to fly up into the air after having some trouble getting the jetpack started.

After flying up into the air, the jetpack shorts out, fails for a bit, and then comes back on before Kit falls to the ground.

The sneak peek should have explained how Kit came into the rocket pack, why she didn’t seem to have any qualms flying into the sky and having a near death experience.

The trailer is basically more woman power propaganda from Disney. They had originally pitched a reboot of The Rocketeer featuring a black female lead back in July of 2016, as reported by Collider.

It looks like Disney went forward with the gender-swap, but decided to withhold the race-swap for the Rocketeer reboot.

The description explains that Kit isn’t necessarily replacing the original Rocketeer, but comes into the secret and begins to work as a hero for Hughesville, which explains…

“Kit Secord learns she’s secretly next in line to become The Rocketeer, a rocket-pack wearing superhero who can fly! Armed with her cool new gear and secret identity, Kit takes to the skies to protect the citizens of Hughesville with the help of her best friend Tesh, bulldog sidekick Butch, and airplane mechanic grandfather, Ambrose Secord.”

Of course, there’s still the possibility that the movie reboot of The Rocketeer could still feature a black female lead.

MGM wasn’t above swapping out James Bond from the 007 title for a black female, and Disney has been pushing their Left-wing propaganda heavily in all of their material, including race-swapping Ariel in the upcoming remake of The Little Mermaid.

In this case, they’re replacing the straight, white male lead from The Rocketeer with a little girl. Expect the live-action reboot to take things a step further because Disney isn’t just content with replacing male leads, it’s also about erasing whites from their cache of entertainment media, too.

You can look for the rebooted The Rocketeer CGI animated show to air on Disney Junior.

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