Top Gun 2 Teaser Trailer Is Perfectly Paced With All Kinds Of Heart-Pumping Nostalgia
Top Gun 2

I’ve never been a huge Tom Cruise fan, and it’s not like his films are must-see theater releases for me, but I’ve always loved the original Top Gun. From the music, to the cinematography, to action sequences, to the story, it’s one of the best pieces of dramatic action cinema out there. Amazingly, Paramount seems to completely understand what fans of the original enjoyed about it and decided to lace the teaser trailer for Top Gun 2 with nothing but a buffet of nostalgia.

There’s a sequence of clips scattered throughout a very measured and very deliberately paced trailer for Top Gun 2, including Maverick’s awesome bomber jacket, his iconic shades, his unforgettable motorcycle, and some really, really cool scenes featuring the masculine metal birds taking to the skies with all their mechanical might in ways that would make you stand up and shout with joy.

Just check out the teaser below, which is already trending and was one of the highlights of the San Diego Comic-Con coming off the heels of the Terminator: Dark Fate panel.

It’s perfect.

Absolutely perfect.

I may be biased because I’ve always been a fan of Tony Scott’s Top Gun, but it just hits every single nail, perfectly.

Since it’s a teaser trailer we obviously don’t get much in the way of plot, but the gist seems pretty obvious: Maverick (played by Tom Cruise) is getting up there in age. He should have been an admiral, he should have been sitting behind a desk barking out orders, but instead he’s still living the dream as a fly-boy and turning heads while pushing the limits at every barrier.

Top Gun 2 - Runway Sunset

The film could definitely go a number of different ways, but if this is more of a dramatic slice of military life rather than an out-and-out action flick, I’m totally okay with that.

Cruise may not be the best actor but there’s definitely a lot of room for a nostalgia act, especially in this day and age where so many brands have turned their backs on the fans to push propaganda and political agendas all at the expense of the brand quality, such as Star Wars, which ended up on our Get Woke; Go Broke Master List.

In this case, everything about the trailer is spot on. From the first chords of the theme song, to the runway chase, to the callback to the good times from the first film…. there’s so much that’s done right.

Top Gun 2 - Space

I’ll admit, I’m fanboying out; but it’s okay. It’s deserved.

According to SFX Magazine, when Cruise took to the stage at Comic Con to introduce the trailer, he mentioned that the film was a “love letter to aviation”.

You can definitely tell from the trailer that it’s a love letter to aviation.

I also love the fact that there’s so much fan-service there that acknowledges and respects what was first established with the original film back in 1986. I like that they respect Harold Faltermeyer’s original anthem for the first movie and brought it back for the sequel, and I like that they seem to recognize that this is a different era and aren’t trying to ape what the first film did but are paying an homage to it while recognizing that times have changed. That’s really the best way to do a sequel, in my humble opinion.

Anyway, Top Gun 2 is due out in theater sin 2020. I’m absolutely looking forward to this film, and it’s nice to see a masculine film made for today’s audience that doesn’t appear to be designed with the intent to subvert audience expectations (or at least that’s how it’s portrayed in the teaser trailer). Let’s just hope they don’t shoot themselves in the foot with any of that diversity nonsense leading up to its release.


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