Total War: Three Kingdoms Gains Mod Support, But With A Few Catches

Sega and Creative Assembly have announced mod support and Steam Workshop support for Total War: Three Kingdoms. However, there is a catch when it comes to modding the game regarding the newly released Assembly Kit and what you can and can’t do as of now. The RTS game is available to pick up on PC via Steam.

Many people on Steam community hub expressed excitement when Creative Assembly announced that modding is now a thing via the Assembly Kit and Steam Workshop support.

The devs even went out of their way to write-up a letter explaining this both on and on noting:

“We know that modding is an important part of the Total War community, and so we’re happy to officially announce the release of the Assembly Kit and Steam Workshop support for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS.”

Fan excitement grew when the devs announced the following items as being moddable aspects of the game:

  • Startpos
  • CEOs (see below)
  • Database tables
  • Variant mesh definitions
  • Battle maps
  • Lua scripts (thanks to Vandy for his contributions here!)
  • New character portraits.
  • Custom models and animations

With all of that said, it wouldn’t be gaming in 2019 without a catch. Yes, the following “aspects of the game” that are not currently moddable include:

  • Campaign battle maps
  • Campaign map hexes (i.e. the logical campaign map)
  • Audio files
  • Game code
  • Creation of battle assets, such as:
    • Prefabs
    • Audio files
    • Composite scenes
    • VFX

Furthermore, there is another caveat. The writer of the blog post goes on to say that mods in violation of the game’s EULA won’t be allowed:

“At this point we’d like to remind mod authors that we will be curating the workshop and remove any mods that breach the modding terms found in the game’s EULA. Please refrain from creating mods that are designed to provoke, intimidate, or antagonise other groups, reference other IP, or create content of a sexual nature. You can read the EULA in full here.”

In other words, folks interested in modding Total War: Three Kingdoms will have half-mod support, where if certain content that is put up will be taken down if it features sexual content, group intimidation, or any kind of content that violates the game’s EULA.

Sega and Creative Assembly real-time strategy game, Total War: Three Kingdoms, is out now for PC and is available to pick up on Steam.


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