Weekly Recap July 20th: Google Manipulated 2016 Elections, 007 Turns Black, Kyoto Animation Fire
Weekly Recap

This was the sort of black pilled week that you might find on one of the most nihilistic of imageboards out there. There was more censorship, more deplatforming, revelations of election manipulation, and a deadly fire in the land of the rising sun.

The week kicked off with news that 007 is being turned into a black woman. The good news is that James Bond is still a man, but the bad news is that… well, 007 is being turned into a black woman… well, I’m using the term “woman” very, very, very loosely here, folks. Kyoto Animation in Japan – makers of classics such as K-On! and Violet Evergarden – was burned to the ground by a violent arsonist who was getting revenge for feeling as if his work had been plagiarized. I know, that sounds like the plot of some derange dramatic thriller by Steven Soderberg.

The only good part about this week was that Google got outed by a professor who revealed data that they manipulated the 2016 elections by giving Hillary Clinton up to 10.6 million votes through search engine manipulation. If they don’t get nailed for that then big tech has won and the future of all Western society will be governed by a dystopian corporatocracy.

These depressingly clownish stories and more in this July 20th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.

007 Gets Replaced By A Black Thing

The real talk of the town over the weekend is James Bond’s 007 title being usurped by some black agent who is coming in to take over his position. It’s quite frankly disgusting. Ubisoft has basically confirmed that they’re a slave driver looking to completely drive the whip on anyone who doesn’t comply with their dictatorial practices, specifically when it comes to the new Story Creator for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The publisher is sanctioning players who use the Story Creator to make quick levels for fast XP purposes. Thankfully there are Assassin’s Creed Odyssey cheat trainers available to thwart Ubisoft’s shyster attempts to force players into purchasing XP boosts from the cash shop via microtransactions. In more Culture War related news, the organizers of the Straight Pride Parade are facing deplatforming and censorship measures by annoying members of the Rainbow Reich who have decided to do everything in their power to prevent heteros from simply expressing their pride.


Halo: Infinite Getting Help From Mass Effect Andromeda Animation Studio

If you thought that Halo: Infinite was saved, I think you have been rejoicing too soon and too much, because 343 Industries is apparently working with the exact same outsourced animation studio that helped work on Mass Effect: Andromeda. This does not bode well for the game at all. In most SocJus related news, the PS4 version of Raspberry Cube will be censored while the Nintendo Switch version will be uncensored. In tech news, even the co-founder of Oculus tends to think that VR is pretty much dead. And while VR hardware sales are dying, Black Cat’s first issue is doing anything but dying; the sex cover art surely helped the comic top the sales charts in June. And Dr. Mario is doing the opposite of Black Cat’s comic because it’s dying… and dying badly.


SJWs Flip Out Over Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Hot Females

Some SJWs decided that the hot females in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 were haram, and went on a attack spree, berating gamers for liking the hot chicks in the new Nintendo Switch exclusive. I can’t even make this up. It’s really just that stupid. In more women-hating news, Toonami decided to censor Food Wars in its line-up, even though the show is already censored and there’s nothing to censor. In more censorship news, Conception Plus will be duly censored on PS4, but the Steam version will be uncensored. Microsoft is shutting down some of its old Windows games between Windows XP and Windows 7, so if you want to play some of those games it’s best you do it now before they’re gone for good. And the Philippines have passed a new law called the “Safe Spaces Act”, where you can be jailed and fined for cat-calling chicks or wolf whistling. Yes, another peak clown world moment, folks.


Kyoto Animation Studio Burned Down And 33 Killed

More than 30 people were killed at the Kyoto Animation Studio that worked on a number of high profile anime over the years, including K-ON! and Violet Evergarden. The culprit was supposedly a man who wanted the 70 or so employees at the studio to die. The arsonist spread flammable liquid all over the building and on the employees before igniting it. Great news: the original duo who composed the soundtracks for Streets of Rage are coming back to score Streets of Rage 4 with the help from the composers who worked on Kingdom Hearts and Jet Set Radio Future. Bethesda managed to achieve something that no one thought possible: their latest update for Fallout 76 managed to break the game even more than before, and they even managed to resurrect some long lost bugs that people thought were squashed for good. And Google manipulated the 2016 elections, feeding Hillary Clinton anywhere between 2.6 million and 10.4 million votes.


Google Manipulated 2016 Elections To Help Hillary Clinton Win

Berkeley, California has gone full SJW, banning the municipal terms “policeman”, “policewoman”, “fireman”, and “firewoman”. They even went so far as to ban the use of the term “manhole” because it was offensive to “non-binary” people. I kid you not. A new study has shown that social media services like Twitter and Instagram causes depression in adolescents, while video games make people happy. Tony provided two editorials this week, one about loot boxes being the same kind of gambling as trading card game booster packs, and another about the fair use of material on YouTube. In one of the biggest stories that mainstream news won’t be covering, Google has apparently been found out as having manipulated the 2016 Presidential elections, and not just by a little bit but by a large amount, affecting anywhere between 2.6 million and 10.4 million votes in favor of Hillary Clinton.


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