Weekly Recap July 27th: Thor Becomes A Thot, SadPanda Dies, Netflix Loses $24 Billion
Weekly Recap

So the week kicked off with news that Marvel is basically going all-in on the whole diversity agenda. They’re turning Thor into a thot, played by Natalie Portman. They’ve race and gender-swapped almost the entire cast of characters for the upcoming Eternals movie, and they cast a deflated, black scarecrow to play Blade.

Things only got worse this week when YouTube decided that they didn’t want Christians advertising on the platform. The good news is that Presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard is suing Google for having blocked her from purchasing ads following the first Democratic debate. Also, Netflix managed to lose $24 billion in valuation over the course of a week, which is fantastic news for everyone tired of their agenda-pushing degeneracy. But before any celebrations could be had we lost an ally during the Culture War in the form of ExHentai and SadPanda. They’re gone boys, mourn their loss today and fight back tomorrow.

These stories and more in this July 27th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Thor Gets Turned Into A Thot

The upcoming fourth MCU rendition of the god of thunder is called Thor: Love and Thunder and it will star Natalie Portman as… Thotty Thor. I’m not even joking, they have cast Natalie Portman again to reprise her role as Jane, who will become Thor. In other Social Justice related news, a U.K., politician was charged with nine counts of diddling kids. However, in Japan, a recently elected politician has vowed to fight against the censorship of video games, anime, and manga. The Kathy Zhu story about censorship took a surprising turn. The official box art for Death Stranding has been revealed. Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry was on the receiving end of global censorship due to an image in the game that the ESRB missed the first time around, and when they decided to rate the game AO, the publisher decided to censor the image instead.


Snowpiercer And Rocketeer Race And Gender-Swapped

TBS has a remake of Snowpiercer set to debut this fall, but the two male leads have been blackwashed for [current year] agenda politics. The Rocketeer reboot is also coming to Disney’s channel soon, and it, too, has a gender-swap of the lead character, this time featuring a little girl instead of a grown man. The alpha 3.6 release of Star Citizen has dropped, and it features all new space stations, new ships, new vehicles, new weapons, and even weapon degradation. A new game called This Land Is My Land is an open-world survival title where you play as a Native American fending off the land from villainous white intruders, where-in the developers are trying to use the game as a platform for identitarian politics. And YouTube is moving further against politically incorrect channels, demonetizing Nerdette’s Newstand and suspending Turd Flinging Monkey from posting videos or livestreaming.


#MeToo Epic Fail

Honest Trailers creator Andy Signore came out firing against his #MeToo accuser, dropping some fact bombs on the thot and ruining her credibility worse than Pepto Bismo will ruin a fresh pair of underwear after engulfing a bad batch of cheese. More gender and race-swapping has taken place, this time with a majority of the cast for the upcoming live-action adaptation of The Eternals. Bad news for Pokemon fans, as the Pokemon Company has signed a long-term deal with Tencent, turning over one of Nintendo’s most beloved games to the Chinese version of Electrionc Arts. Speaking of cock-gobbling censors, Google has removed the Vera Blanc games from the Google Play store and have banned the developers from the Android app channel.


YouTube Bans Christian Ads

YouTube now considers the word “Christian” prohibited. It’s part of their continued war against the West, which includes denigrating the Christian religion. Oh, but advertising Islam on YouTube is completely fine. No, really. ResetEra was in the news again for two retarded reasons, the first is getting outraged over the trap-culture game Bokuhime Project for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and the second is for attempting to get a Fire Emblem: Three Houses voice actor fired for what they consider to be past transgressions. Nintendo is teaming up with Tencent to launch the Nintendo Switch in mainland China. And speedrunner CaveiraGames decided to privacy strike other YouTube channels because they exposed him for cheating.


SadPanda Is A Dead Panda

E-Hentai is scheduled to shut down in 2020 while SadPanda bit the dust, allegedly due to legislation in the Netherlands that somehow affected their operations. In better news, Google is being sued by Presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard after it was discovered that they blocked her from running ads after she came off an explosive Democratic debate. In more bad news, Fantasy Soft Entertainment lost a financial investor after they came out in open support of Vic Mignogna. In more bad news, HBO’s The Watchmen will be more Leftist propaganda, this time with the show focusing on white supremacy. Nintendo ended up firing Chris Niosi from Fire Emblem: Three Houses following complaints from ResetEra. In other news, Creative Assembly apologized for saying some naughty things about YouTuber Arch Warhammer during a livestream for Total War: Three Kingdoms. A report has indicated that FIFA‘s loot boxes and ultimate team cards make more money than the unit sales, which is not surprising at this point. Patreon banned the Straight Pride Parade account, while Netflix claimed that straight pride is “gross”. And Twitter actually tried holding a Canadian resident to the laws and standards of the U.K., because she criticized Mohammed. Really.


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