Weekly Recap July 6th: Antifa Assaults Andy Ngo, Google Ramps Up Censorship, Extra Credits Nazis
Weekly Recap

This was one of those surreal weeks that goes down in history as yet another catalyst that moves the nation toward the friction point that will eventually creature a political and possibly war-torn fissure.

The week kicked off hot with Antifa’s assault on journalist Andy Ngo. Plenty of Left-wing Liberals were keen to defend the attacks on Ngo, justifying the assault and battery, as well as lying about there being no quick-dry cement in the milkshakes, despite the recipe being recovered, video footage of Antifa mixing it, and police reports indicating that it was there… that’s not to mention Andy’s brain hemorrhaging.

Google is also continuing to ramp up their censorship practices, completely removing links from the search index, as well as shadowbanning even more websites while downranking others. And to top things off, Extra Credits basically said that anyone playing as a Nazi in a video game will become a Nazi in real life. Yes, folks… we’ve hit that level of insanity during this Age of the Clown. You can check out these honk-worthy stories and more in this July 6th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Antifa Assaults Andy Ngo With Cement Milkshakes

The big story at the top of the week was journalist Andy Ngo getting physically assaulted and battered by members of Antifa, who used quick-dry cement in their milkshakes to lob at the Proud Boys and their ideological opponents, which included Andy Ngo, who ended up in the hospital with brain hemorrhaging. Big YouTubers have been slow on the uptick to condemn Google for their biased search results, manipulation of information, and their attempts at election fraud. One such YouTuber is Philip DeFranco, but luckily TheQuartering called him out. Speaking of election fraud… Vox has blamed 4chan for Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang for trending in the Drudge Report polls. After a bunch of bidders lost interest in Nexon the company is no longer up for sale. And on the subject of East Asia business, China is reorienting their content restriction policies for games, and it’s not a good thing. While YouTube is demonetizing a bunch of channels, Vimeo is outright terminating channels, including Shawn Woods’ Mousetrap Monday content. And Sony has lost its damn mind, saying some of the most ridiculous things imaginable about the PlayStation brand.


Google Censors Health Sites

If you’re an alternative health site, Google is targeting and censoring your content. Netflix released some photo stills from the upcoming The Witcher show, and the cast – other than Henry Cavill – looked pozzed as crap. It’s a diorama of diversity diarrhea. Sadly, Nintendo was attending the Pride Parade in Seattle, Washington… with furries! Some propagandists at media outlets have been trying to convince the Mordhau developers to censor their community beyond adding mute and block buttons. Funds are being gathered so that journalist Andy Ngo can sue Antifa and other Left-wing agitators who have been promoting and encouraging Left-wing violence against civilians.


Ubisoft Promotes Pedo Acceptance

We knew this day would come; we knew that moment would arrive where propagandists would try to promote child diddling as a normal activity and pastime of life. Well, Ubisoft was one of the first to go that route with a tweet using lesbians kissing in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. In more SJW related news, the soy boys at Santa Monica Studios didn’t want Kratos to return in the newest God of War game, but it took Cory Barlog to convince the studio to bring him back, only more soyed up than ever before. And in even more SJW news, Reddit banned the Honkler sub-reddit, claiming that the anti-SJW sub promoted and incited violence. After the Attorney General’s office was contacted, it appears Deep Silver is walking back their no-refund stance and now discussing possible refunds for backers of Shenmue 3 following the Epic Games Store debacle. Total War: Three Kingdoms has added mod support, but the addition comes with a couple of caveats.


More Twitter Censorship Inbound

Twitter recently updated their terms of service and they seem to be targeting porn this time around. If you don’t properly identify your account as a sensitive material account, it could get nuked. Electronic Arts doesn’t think they’re the bad guys, and they’re actually befuddled why people think that. Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Tom Holland actually said less straight white guys should be in films and more “representation” should be included in Marvel’s flicks. Disney is also retroactively censoring their content, including a blooper scene from Toy Story 2 involving Stinky Pete. Spike Chunsoft announced that Crystar won’t be censored on Steam but the game will be censored on PS4. Speaking of Sony and their censorship policies… the company is considering purchasing more development studios, much to the detriment of the industry itself.


Extra Credits Gets Extra Stupid And Pays A Rightful Price

The dillweeds at Extra Credits decided to denigrate everybody with their stupidity. Thankfully almost the entire gaming community called out Extra Credits for their stupidity. Obsidian has said that the Outer Worlds won’t be a pulpit in which Leftist will be preaching to the choir, but the verdict is out until the game launches this October. Gab can’t seem to catch a break, and the company is now getting blocked and censored by the Mastodon fediverse. Google keeps the censorship going, this time attacking Left-wing outlet The Independent. After getting banned from Steam, Victory Project is set to arrive on GOG, Denpasoft and Sekai Project’s own digital distribution platform. Hearthstone is still getting censored by Blizzard, but the reason they’re censoring it? Because they wanted to tone down the game’s sex and violence. And Twitch has managed to identify one of the memers who put up the spicy videos; they plan on suing the memers to make a point. Oh yeah, and if you want, you can make Yippy your default search engine in Firefox, assuming you still use the browser.

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