Wolfenstein: Youngblood Gameplay Walkthrough
Wolfenstein Youngblood Walkthrough

Bethesda, MachineGames, and Arkane Studios’ Wolfenstein: Periodblood is out for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The first-person shooter dabbles into backtracking and RPG mechanics, which is new to the series, and has not gone over well with a lot of gamers. Even still, if you were one of those unlucky saps to actually waste money on this game, there’s a gameplay walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber MKIceandFire was one of the first to toss up a walkthrough playlist for Wolfenstein: Youngblood, featuring a look at the game from start to finish, while offering some visual tips on how to defeat certain bosses, and how to get through certain areas efficiently. You can check out the walkthrough below.

At the start of the game you’ll be able to choose whether you play as Jess or Sophie, and whether they don the Golden Eagle power suit or the Blue Shark suit. You can also choose whether they sport the Bolt Head or Hammer Head, not that it makes much of a difference given that you’ll be playing in first-person anyway.

You’ll then be able to choose your taunt, your starting pistol, and your starting melee weapon.

Once you get finished setting up the customization, you’ll enter into the game where a lengthy cutscene will play.

Wolfenstein Youngblood - Sense What's Stalking You

After nearly ten minutes of cinematics… yes, nearly ten whole minutes of cinematics, you’ll finally enter into the game.

You’ll learn about information computers scattered around the map that will help give you a tutorial on how to play, as well as how to perform takedowns, which can be done either from the front or from behind using the melee button.

The game is really poorly optimized with plenty of stutter.

Anyway, head to the elevator, press the button and head down into the lower deck.

There are several enemies that you’ll need to kill moving through the corridors. You can also acquire additional ammunition for the weapons you pick up from the dead bodies. Before you can proceed you’ll need the door code to get into the next segment.

Make your way north through the barracks, with the bunk with a tape player on the bed and a muscle poster on the wall. Take the tape to the floppy terminal to retrieve the crew quarters door code, which is: 8431

Wolfenstein Youngblood - Crew Quarters Code

Crouch through the corridor and make your way through the upper crew quarters.

You can either go through the area stealthily or like Rambo.

Clear out the enemies to proceed, but before moving on you can use the points and silver coins you earn to upgrade your weapons at the information terminal located on the other side of the shutter door.

Once you get done upgrading your gear you can then move to the next area down below.

Wolfenstein Youngblood - Upgrades

Move around the catwalk and take out the Kommandant.

You can either walk straight through the open doorway or go around the side and sneak through the air vent to get into the lounge.

You’ll also learn that using the taunt works as a buff for Soph and Jess as they defeat enemies, making them even more powerful than the standard butch lesbian buffs they start with.

Head up to the second level of the lounge and you can either continue to stealth your way through the kitchen area and hallways or just run-and-gun the enemies down. Be warned that the enemies here are more heavily armored, so it would require a bit more skill to incapacitate them.

Head through the dining room area where there are three more enemies to take down. If you take out the Kommandant then the other two should be fairly easy to subdue.

At the end of the diner there’s a elevator door you can move through where you’ll learn how to double-jump through the platforming segments using the power jump. Double-jump up the elevator shaft to reach the top of the shaft.

There are two technicians that you can kill using the throwing technique. At a distance you can throw your melee weapon if you have them equipped, and then run up and kill the enemies with a swing when you’re close enough.

Follow the pathway up the platforms. You’ll need to head to the end of the walkway, jump up on the next level, which is just past the crates, and then double-jump across the the gap.

Follow the pathway until you reach the next area where you’ll unlock the tutorial for using the flashlight. Follow the walkway until you reach the vent that drops down to the maintenance area.

You’ll have two choices in how to proceed, either through the air vent that leads you right down into the middle of the enemies or a ladder access that leads you around to the side of the Nazi casino disco.

Wolfenstein Youngblood - Nazi Disco

If you aren’t stealthy in taking out the enemies in the disco casino, you’ll need to fight a flame-thrower super soldier, who will give you some problems.

Since it’s two of you, though, it should be easy to have one person flank the super soldier while someone distracts him.

Once you clear out the disco casino, head to the back of the room through the control area to flip the lever on the side of the panel. Both levers must be pressed at the same time to open the main door.

Head through and both girls will have to work together to push the hatch open.

Here you’ll face off against your first boss, General Winkler.

The boss can teleport and go invisible and also has a super laser.

You’ll have to bring him out of invisibility by shooting him. Listen and look for his movements and then pepper him with fire.

When he charges up his super laser be sure to take cover, either by jumping up to the next level or dropping down to the next level. Whatever you do, don’t try to tank his laser shots because two hits and you’re dead.

When Winkler’s life gets low enough, you’ll need to follow him outside where you’ll need to pepper him some more until he loses his balance and falls near the jet turbine. Shoot his arms to force him into the engine.

Wolfenstein Youngblood - Grace

The next mission will require you to make your way back to the Paris catacombs. You’ll need to follow the navpoint and make your way through the river to the shore.

Once ashore, there are Nazi patrols roaming about. Just past the dilapidated bus is a Diesel Supersoldat.

You can use the bus to kite the Diesel dude around and pepper him with fire until he dies. From here the map gets fairly linear and you’ll need to follow the trail of warm bodies to each navpoint until you reach the Nazi checkpoint.

Clear out the checkpoint and then move through the locked door. The code for the door is: 1720

Wolfenstein Youngblood - Guard Door Code

You’ll find the code in the guard station.

Move through the streets and there’s another Nazi checkpoint.

It’s not really possible to stealth your way through this segment since they’re openly patrolling and not many areas to sneak around.

Take down the enemies and move through the alleyways until you reach the padlocked door. Use your melee attack to break through the padlock.

You’ll also learn how to tag enemies. You can only tag one enemy at a time, and if you’re playing in single-player mode, the AI will prioritize the target above the others.

At the next checkpoint there’s a Panzerhund patrolling the streets. You’ll want to head up through the building to get the drop on the baddies. Use the upper floors to snipe at the soldiers and lob grenades at the Panzerhund from above.

There’s also a locked chest up in one of the rooms that overlooks the checkpoint. The code to open the chest inside the Megatone building is: 2703

Wolfenstein Youngblood - Locked Chest COde

Proceed down the street and there’s another locked chest up on top of the building just across the street from the ubertechnik store. The code to the chest is: 1234

When you get done scavenging for supplies head down the alley and through the shutter door to reach the next segment.

There are some more soldiers you’ll need to kill before heading down into the subway to reach the catacombs.

Another cinematic will play for your next mission.

You can also explore the catacombs and play some old-school arcade games, including the original Wolfenstein 3D from id Software… back when they used to make good games.

Wolfenstein Youngblood - Classic

When you’re ready to take on your next mission, you can go talk to some of the NPCs to either take on a side-mission or a main mission.

Some of the side missions include Rescue Marianne and Enter the Underground.

If you choose to do the rescue mission you’ll have to make your way to the hospital. Keep in mind that there are Nazis patrolling above ground.

You can attempt to kill some of the soldiers stealthily, but once again the streets filled with soldiers and it’s completely open, so stealth isn’t much of an option.

You can follow the nav marker across the balconies and through the buildings until you reach the square.

There are some super soldiers guarding the front of the hospital that you’ll need to dispatch before you can enter.

Some random events may trigger as well, including the side-side missoin that involves stealing an enigma machine before the Nazis get to it.

Inside the hospital there are German soldiers and doctors patrolling the areas. They’re all armed. You can attempt to stealth through the area but it’s not really convenient given the way the corridors are designed and how close knit the halls are, which leaves little room to hide.

Kill the enemies in the main foyer and then head to the elevator shaft and double-jump to the next level.

There are a couple of doctors patrolling, and you can attempt to stealth through the hospital, but once you kill one a bunch of them will become alerted.

When you clear out the halls on the second floor, have Jess and Soph pull both the levers to open up the shutters for the observation room.

This will also open the door that leads down into the surgery room, so there’s a bunch of enemies that will flood out of the hallway.

Follow the nav marker to the two switches for the power generator to shut down the lights in the surgery room. Marianne will somehow overpower the two men and save herself, because feminists in the resistance don’t need no men and are stronger than the Nazi army.

Once you get done rolling your eyes like The Rock, make your way out of the hospital.

You may or may not receive a side-side mission to eliminate the Nazi engineer.

When you finish the side-missions you can proceed to the next mission by using the metro map located in the subway.

Investigate The Outpost

The mission will take you to a new area of the map where you’ll need to infiltrate a shanty town that’s being guarded by some light Nazi patrols.

This is one of the few missions where you can actually attempt to be stealthy if you can time your attacks and use your throwing weapons to take out the guards in tandem with another player, but trying to attempt to stealth your way in while doing it in single-player mode is a futile effort since the AI is about as intelligent as immigrants from regions sitting in the middle of the equator.


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