Wolfenstein: Youngblood Will Have Cosmetic Microtransactions

You can tell Bethesda Softworks and Machine Games have no hope that this game will sell well, much like EA and DICE with Battlefield V insofar that both woke games are relying on microtransactions to recoup any product losses. With that said, in a now-deleted tweet reveals that the upcoming abomination will only have in-game cosmetic purchases.

Last time we reported on Wolfenstein “another type of blood,” it was about how the disgrace to the original 1992 game will sport Denuvo DRM at launch. In other words, it’s poison protecting a turd.

Anyway, as of recent, website gamespot.com (archive.is) updated its piece in that it misreported that the woke installation in the series of Wolfenstein games that have been going downhill will have microtransactions that include weapons, and upgrades. In reality, you can only buy cosmetics, which is just as bad, because why does a single-player or co-op game have skins and cosmetics as an in-game purchase?

Anyway, here’s the updated section on GameSpot’s piece:

Update: In a tweet sent from the official Wolfenstein account, it’s been clarified that “you CAN NOT purchase weapon upgrades or ability upgrades with real money” in Youngblood. This disputes the previous indication we got about how microtransactions function in the game. Subsequent tweets say that real-money microtransactions are limited to cosmetics, including skins for your weapons and power suits.”

And here is the deleted tweet by the official Wolfenstein account in response to the GameSpot piece:

“The Reich is spreading false rumors—you CAN NOT purchase weapon upgrades or ability upgrades with real money in #Wolfenstein: Youngblood.”

Furthermore, a week and a half ago, the official Twitter account for the game notes that the upcoming game will be 25-30 hours long. If we were to use rounding techniques, the game should only be about seven to eight hours long (if not shorter) given how its predecessor has so many cut-scenes.

So there you have it, Wolfenstein: Youngblood at launch will feature the option to buy cosmetics where the game itself has DRM anti-tamper tech, SJW narratives oozing out of it, and will likely be a short title with long cut-scenes.

Lastly, Wolfenstein: Youngblood is set to hit PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch for $39.99 on July 26th, 2019.

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