YouTube Censorship Forces Croquis Cafe’s Nude Figure Art Channel To Vimeo
YouTube Croquis Cafe Censorship

During YouTube’s crackdown on “borderline” content, targeting news channels and content creators that they felt would lead users to “extremist” channels, YouTube also targeted art channels, too, among many others. One such channel affected by YouTube’s censorship spree was the nude figure drawing channel, Croquis Cafe, which had almost all of their videos removed due to YouTube’s wide-sweeping changes. The owner of the channel wasn’t ill-prepared for the hammer of censorship dropping on Croquis’ little corner of content, and wisely had all of the videos backed up on Vimeo.

Back on June 7th, 2019, production company On Air Video posted up a notice informing followers that their YouTube catalog had moved to Vimeo due to the censorship.

The art reference channel is live over on Vimeo under the Croquis Cafe moniker, just like YouTube. The subscription numbers are nowhere near as high, though.

They have about 12,000 subscribers on Vimeo, compared to the 304,000 subscribers they have on their YouTube channel.

However, while majority of their video catalog has been wiped out by YouTube, there are still video previews posted on YouTube that directs people to their Vimeo channel.

There was also a follow-up tweet extolling Vimeo’s freedom in regards to posting content on their platform.

However, take note that Vimeo isn’t quite the white knight that they’re being painted as in the tweets.

Vimeo was quick to follow YouTube’s footsteps in not only censoring Project Veritas’ videos regarding Google’s search engine manipulation, but they even went a step further than YouTube by completely shutting down Project Veritas’ channel so it could no longer be used as a reference point of cataloging information.

This was followed by Vimeo terminating the Mousetrap Monday channel as well, even after they invited him to open up a channel on their service using their premium model.

In some ways this shouldn’t be a surprise given that back in August of 2018 Vimeo joined YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, and other big tech services in banning InfoWars.

For now Vimeo appears to be accommodating Croquis Cafe, but in today’s censorship-heavy climate, one can only ask… “For how long?”

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