YouTube Demonetizes Nerdette’s Newstand For Politically Incorrect Content
Nerdettes Newstand

Tristen from the social commentary channel Nerdette’s Newstand made it known that YouTube has now demonetized most of the content on her YouTube channel. New videos, old videos, trailer reactions and more – all demonetized. This outcome is just the result of a boiling pot of censorship that was ready to spill over at any moment, especially since Nerdette has been quite vocal about the Left’s encroaching propaganda on the entertainment medium.

On July 20th, 2019, the YouTuber shared a couple of screenshots of the notices she received from YouTube indicating that her content was no longer suited for monetization.

Nerdette has had no qualms about calling out the Left’s agenda, and actively informing her subscribers about the propaganda invading comic books, television shows, movies and video games.

For instance, her recent Vampiralla #1 review was about criticizing the comic for its agenda-pushing nature.

She also did a video about Bleeding Cool taking on the #ComisGate crowd, who have been fighting to create their own brand of comic books away from the mainstream industry.

Another video of hers tackled Warner Bros’ censorship of people being critical of Mortal Kombat 11, and the whole saga involving the game’s “woke” propaganda that angered many longtime fans.

In fact, Nerdette was one of the few YouTubers out there that consistently railed on Mortal Kombat 11 for covering up the females while allowing the men to retain their sex appeal, as well as calling out NetherRealm Studios for their agenda.

According to Nerdette, everything she uploads now is being demonetized, where she explained…

“90% [of the content is being demonetized] yep, used to be [it’d] go [through] a review and approve [process], and not anymore. I can’t make a POSITIVE video anymore without being demonetized. It’s bad, not only that but initially when it started, they went and demonetized old videos! So yep basically anything I do, they fucking demonetize.”


“[…] Literally everything, gaming, comics, movie trailers, news, doesn’t matter, instantly demonetized.”

We’ve seen this happen before to other channels as well, where YouTube will demonetize certain content as a way to get them to veer away from producing more of it. For instance unCAGEDgamez had to stop doing Mortal Kombat 11 videos featuring gameplay because YouTube was demonetizing the videos, even after he began using blood filters to censor out the gore and violence.

Basically he had to change up his content because doing any kind of video about Mortal Kombat 11 resulted in demonetization. It’s a chilling effect… and it works.

YouTubers like unCAGEDgamez had to find new kinds of content to focus on that could be monetized, since he could no longer rely on his bread and butter, which was making Mortal Kombat 11 videos.

According to Clownfish TV, they believe that YouTube puts people through probation periods and that they demonetize content that they don’t want you to produce, and if you stop producing that content then you come off the probation and your content can be monetized. They explained it like training rats, saying…

“It’s like training rats. […] YouTube is training its content creators. Why make videos that don’t get views and can’t make money? You want a piece of cheese, right? Then make videos like THIS.


“[…] and YouTube can easily say they’re not censoring. Technically they’re not. They’re just Dis-incentivizing certain topics and channels IMHO.”


“[…] Certain topics are taboo.”

This absolutely appears to be the case.

But this isn’t a conspiracy theory.

YouTube has already stated that this past summer they’ve instituted new filters to reduce the recommendations of “borderline content”, which is content that they feel will lead people down a rabbit hole to the “Alt-Right”. This was also done in conjunction with the VoxAdpocalypse, which further worked to demonetize YouTube channels on the fringes, or those that aren’t corporately backed.

So they’re not outright terminating all of these channels or restricting every content creator from making the content, but they are lowering the recommendations, shadow-banning the search results, or even removing the auto-complete for specific search terms. It’s the slow burn of social engineering.

It’s absolutely censorship in everything but name, but it’s not the kind that can be proven with simple examples. A lot of it is in complex algorithms and subtle changes to the way people reach certain YouTubers and topical content. The nuances of the censorship was explained by the whistleblower in the Project Veritas leaks.

It’s done subtly enough for YouTube to argue plausible deniability, which they recently did during the Senate hearing, where they continued to claim that they weren’t censoring content.

In a way, it’s true that they’re not directly censoring the content, but they are fixing the algorithm to reduce visibility of content (which is still censorship), apply “Limited State” conditions to videos that don’t align with their ideology (which is still censorship), and reduce the accessibility of content by stacking the search results with “authoritative” sources, which in turn suppresses certain content creators and informational sources (which is still censorship).

To further reduce the incentive to cover certain topics, YouTube uses the extra measure of demonetization as a way to lure people away from discussing subject matter where there are no financial incentives for covering said topic. For instance, some YouTubers have reported that covering the Vic Mignogna lawsuit has resulted in content suppression and demonetization.

YouTube may not be outright banning or removing the content, but the censorship is subtle enough to make YouTubers think twice about covering the topic matter. As mentioned, it’s a chilling effect.

Smaller YouTubers like Nerdette’s Newstand would either have to stop covering topics in politically incorrect ways, or veer way from those topics altogether, lest the channel will stay demonetized, which in turn will affect subscription rates, visibility, and recommendations. Overall, demonetization means your channel will have stunted growth. Thankfully there are alternatives. For instance, Nerdette has already moved her content over to a Bitchute channel.

Nonetheless, this is all part of YouTube’s method of socially engineering what can and cannot be discussed, and how you can discuss those topics. Centrists and Leftists will continue to argue that “it’s not censorship!” but once you’ve been disincentivized from covering certain topic matter, and once you’ve been penalized for covering certain topic matter, an outcome where that topic is no longer part of the public discourse due to external pressure is literally the definition of censorship.

(Thanks for the news tip Clownfish TV)


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