YouTube Strikes Teal Deer’s Account For Hate Speech After Criticizing Dan Olson
Teal Hate Speech

YouTuber Teal Deer makes politically correct content according to YouTube’s standards. He oftentimes makes videos highlighting the sophistry and dishonest arguments oftentimes made by the Regressive Left. He took Extra Credits to task for their video attempting to label gamers as Nazis. He also poked fun at various feminists, which has become a huge no-no in the eyes of Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. His latest video included a critical breakdown of Dan Olson’s “Thermian Argument” video from his Folding Ideas account. Teal Deer’s critical analysis of Olson’s sophistry, however, was not appreciated by YouTube, and netted him a strike on his account for “hate speech”.

The news was made available through Teal Deer’s Minds account, where he wrote out an explanation of what happened, writing…

“Owing to YouTube’s ever creeping draconian authoritarianism my latest video “TL;DR – The Thermian Argument is Absolute Sophistry” has been removed from Youtube due to “Hate Speech”. This is, of course, despite the fact that there was objectively no hate speech in the video as defined by youtube on their information page defining hate speech.


“Next week, when I am allowed to upload again, we will be taking a look at youtube’s “Hate Speech Policy” and demonstrating, not only how nebulous it is so that youtube can apply the label to anything they don’t like, but also how the video in question is absolutely not in violation of those standards.”

Technically, this has been known since they’ve instituted the “hate speech” policy.

Many people tried to warn everyone else that “hate speech” when utilized by big tech means whatever they want it to mean, because it has no meaning. It’s newspeak.

Oftentimes when “hate speech” policies are enforced by big tech it’s against anyone critical of certain ideologies, rather than any sort of use of mean-spirited language directed at anyone in particular. They keep these policies as opaque as possible for that very reason, so that they can drop the hammer on anyone at any time for any reason, and do so under the unquestionable application of “hate speech”.

In fact, you can watch Teal Deer’s video about Dan Olson’s “Thermian Argument” and try to pick out exactly what netted him a strike and an upload restriction for “hate speech”. He re-uploaded it to Bitchute, which you can check out below.

After half a decade of censorship, deplatforming, demonetization, and some of the exact same people popping up within the exact same circles whenever these things happen to certain politically incorrect pundits, Teal Deer finally put two and two together and realized that there may be some cronyism at play, writing…

“I do, all things considered, find it very curious that the video addressing known child pornography downloader Dan Olsen was the targeted video within 24 hours of its creation. Very curious given his known virulent support for the anti-gamer-gate crowd and known personal association with certain individuals within that movement with their known histories of online harassment, dog pilling and brigading. These are also people with known connections to silicon valley big tech.


“Not making any accusations, merely observing some interesting things.


“But hey, if your arguments can’t stand on their own. Silence, de-platform, disinsentivise. Never answer. Cause that would be “platforming evil people”.”

Gosh, ya think?

Instead of any sort of investigation coming down on Olson for his brush-in with posting images of minors on 8chan, he was exalted and protected by the Intersectional Inquisition.

The #GamerGate crowd tried to warn everybody about this very thing half a decade ago, but instead of listening there was a whole lot of huffing, puffing, equivocation and defending of grifters who turned out to be harassers and con-artists. But it’s a little too late to do anything about it now.

People like Teal Deer are already on the chopping block, and any further criticism of big tech’s authoritarian regime or the protected people under its wing will likely net Teal Deer another strike, a longer restriction on uploading, and eventually account termination.

As YouTube already pointed out this past summer, they are coming down hard on what they consider “borderline content”, which is content that they feel may lead people down an eventual path to becoming the “Alt-Right”. Basically this is any channel that makes content that goes against the Regressive Left’s agenda. However, if you even point this out in a video, prepare to have your channel demonetized like Sargon of Akkad or Nerdette’s Newstand, or have your account suspended like Turd Flinging Monkey, or simply have your channel terminated for “hate speech” like Top Hats & Champagne or Mumkey Jones.

It’s just a matter of time when every YouTuber who doesn’t comply to the Regressive Left’s standards will be silenced, suppressed or terminated from the platform. It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when”.

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle)


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