YouTuber MathChief Openly Condemns The Leftist Agenda Ruining Games
SJW Agenda

A bunch of Centrists™ will be quick to tell you that there is no agenda in the gaming industry. The panty-twisted, snot-nosed “moderates” with a white picket fence lodged firmly up their buttcheeks like a large black phalanx going between the sore-holes of a camgirl will tell you that all of the forced diversity that is ruining your entertainment is made-up in your mind and that “women have always been in games!” and “Mexicans have always lived in Geiranger, Norway!”  that “black chicks have always been Slavic vikings!” and that “Muslim lesbians from Iran used to be samurai!”. We all know that those previous claims are untrue, but we see that kind of discordant imagery popping up in video games more often than we see a straight, white male in Key West. It’s not just annoying, it’s angering. But thankfully some YouTubers are waking up and speaking out against the agenda.

Now many influencers are either part of the agenda to help drive the propaganda into the homes of normal people – such as everyone who took the blood money from EA to promote the agitprop-ridden Apex Legends (which still died despite EA paying millions to hype the game up) – or they just stay silent on the agenda so as not to rock the boat.

Just as many gaming YouTubers with large followings – save for a few like TheQuartering, RagingGoldenEagle, Yellow Flash, ItsAGundam, TheActMan, American Krogan, or Cr1tikal – keep quiet about the agenda in order to retain their audience and avoid being demonetized. If you speak too often and too loudly about what’s happening regarding the Left’s control over entertainment media, you either get shadow-banned or demonetized like Sargon of Akkad.

However, the propaganda has become too much for some to bear.

YouTuber MathChief – The Best of Gaming!, could no longer stay quiet about the agenda, and did a six and a half minute video calling out the industry’s self-fellating obsession with beating gamers over the head with the “diversity” agenda.

The video hasn’t received a whole lot of views, only clocking in at 10,000 as of the writing of this article. It likely won’t be recommended much by YouTube either due to its content.

You see, MathChief red pills his audience on the current agenda that is driving gamers away from some of their favorite brands, and resulting in some of these titles ending up on the Get Woke; Go Broke – Master List.

He breaks down on many of these games – top brands, mind you – are being used for the purpose of subversion, and inculcating people with the Left’s agenda.

So what is this agenda? Basically to upend the cultural standards of the West.

  • As pointed out in the video, white, masculine manly-men are now a rarity in AAA games. You would think that this is some kind of joke, but it’s not. What few remain are either turned into old men (i.e., Marcus Fenix, Kratos, and B.J. Blazkowicz) or constantly undermined with diversity hire replacements (i.e., Master Chief in Halo 5 or J.D. Fenix in Gears 5).
  • There’s a heavy focus on making characters gay even when there’s no story or characterization in the game itself (i.e., Overwatch turning two of its main characters gay or Apex Legends announcing one of its characters as gay for no other reason than to virtue signal).
  • We also see that studios love throwing in odd leads into games, like a black, disabled, lesbian cyborg for the purpose of “representation”, even at the expense of no one buying the game because it turns out that there’s no mass market for black, disabled, lesbian cyborgs. This was a lesson that Bethesda and Arkane Studios learned the hard way with Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.
  • That’s not to mention all the other forced diversity characters filling up games, movies, and comic books where it makes no sense or is completely jarring, such as Battlefield Vagina, 007 being turned into a black woman, all the race-swaps in Netflix’s The Witcher, or nearly every aspect of Wolfenstein: Menstrual Blood.

None of what I’m telling you is new information or some sort of startling revelation. You’ve known it all along. I’m just saying what no one else has the balls to say because they’re either too pussy-whipped into kowtowing to the Left’s authoritarian regime, or too afraid to speak the truth for fear of getting blacklisted or shadowbanned. But hey, since we’re already in the deepest pit of the Left’s ideological hell, we may as well hammer the devil in the balls with the cudgel of truth and ride his arse through the valley of rectitude because it’s not like it can get much worse… right?

But the good part about all of this is that people are starting to wake up.

You can only keep pounding them from behind with the paddle of agitprop for so long until they finally snap and strip the ball-gag from their mouth, unshackle themselves from the pillory, and rip off the gimp suit with rage in their eyes and violence in their voice.

MathChief has finally stepped out of the Left’s red room, and is warning people about the entertainment industry being culturally raped at the hands of the Left.

It will take more than just a handful of YouTubers speaking up, though. It will require an entire army of gamers boycotting the agitprop and speaking out against the agendas driving the entertainment industry into the devil’s diseased diarrhea hole. The biggest obstacle, though, is all the mind-numbingly annoying Centrists™ who keep safeguarding the Regressive Left and trying to obfuscate the conversation by saying that people who expose the agenda are “Just as bad as fake news media!” and that anyone willing to take a stand are just “Right-wing versions of [insert Leftist propaganda news outlet here]”.

In fact, Centrists have managed to forcibly drag the Overton Window so far to the Left and force so many people to cede their principles that everyone Right of center may as well be wearing Mao suits.

They will continue to use these deflection/diversion tactics to sow discord and dissuade you from calling out the industry’s subversion, but everybody who recognizes what’s going on, and everybody who wants it to end must speak out and stand strong, because this constant bombardment of propaganda won’t cease until all of the Communists are out of the entertainment and media industry for good.


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