YouTubers Union Joins With IG Metall To Force Changes At YouTube
YouTuber Union

Some YouTubers are joining a YouTubers Union and the union has teamed up with the German unionization organization, IG Metall. They’ve formed what’s called a FairTube campaign in order to get YouTube to change its policies regarding transparency and fairness when it comes to the way they demonetize material, ban videos, and terminate accounts.

A video about the new FairTube campaign was posted up by one of the members of the YouTube Union, Joerg Sprave, a gun and weapons channel that boasts more than 2.1 million subscribers. Sprave is joined in the 14 minute video by lawyer Thomas Klebe, and IG Metall second chairwoman Christiane Benner, to explain what their plan is and how other YouTubers can join in and help.

The basic gist of the plan and what sort of changes they want to see implemented have been outlined over on the FairTube website.

There are six main principles that they want to orient the campaign around, it includes YouTube publishing all criteria and categories for which videos are judged and selected for demonetization. This way YouTubers know exactly what kind of content to avoid and what kind of content is allowed.

They want YouTube to explain exactly what part of the video violated their criteria and why it’s being demonetized.

They want a human contact for the union to be able to contact that is qualified and authorized to explain and make decisions on behalf of YouTube that affects content creators. They also want this contact to be within administration reach to fix the issues when they’re presented.

One of the more must-have requests is implementing a feature that will allow YouTubers to contest YouTube’s decision to demonetize content rather than simply relying on the uneven and inconsistent appeal process. This would also apply to community strikes, copyright strikes, and of course channel terminations.

The other two requests include an independent mediation board to oversee affected content and content creators, and the creation of YouTube content creator advisory board where they’ll be able to take part in important decisions that would ultimately affect their monetization and potential updates that could negatively impact their channel(s).

The YouTubers Union and IG Metall are working quick on this. They’ve already reached out to YouTube’s C-level managers and have given them four weeks to respond to the negotiations, otherwise they will escalate the case, hence the involvement of attorney Thomas Klebe.

YouTuber Forgotten Weapons was quick to support the idea of a YouTubers union and the IG Metall collaboration to implement the FairTube requests.

While this all looks good on paper and would be a huge boon for the creator, the major problem is that YouTube is part of the Alphabet conglomerate with Google, and not even the U.S., government has been able to topple them thus far.

The big question is: Would a German union be able to accomplish what U.S. Senators couldn’t?

If YouTube is transparent about content enforcement policies then it would mean they would have to hold their chosen mainstream sources to the same standards as the plebeian content creators, and we all know that’s not going to happen since that strays outside the bounds of their current agenda.

See, part of the problem is that people are still being willfully ignorant by believing these policies are being implemented by YouTube and Google haphazardly, rather than being a deliberate machination. All of this is deliberate.

It was made known during the Project Veritas leak that Google is planning on using their power to affect elections, to change the way people think about what’s “fair”, and to socially engineer the public at large for how they want people to think about “marginalized groups”.

It’s all about indoctrination, yet people keep trying to tackle the issue from the point of view as if it’s a technical hiccup, or unintended malfeasance. No, it’s all deliberate.

The sooner people begin to see Google as a threat to freedom of expression and freedom of speech and as the epitome of a technocratic oligarchy, the sooner people will instead look to dismantle the monopolistic threshold they have on content creation rather than trying to bargain futilely with the devil.

Nevertheless, YouTubers interested in joining the YouTubers Union can do so by visiting the official website.

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