Zombieland 2: Double Tap Trailer Puts Some Head-Splitting Fun Back Into Movies

Zombieland 2 Double Tap

Nearly every other movie out there is some kind of preppy, preachy, pulpit-spewing Liberal nonsense about guns being bad, whites being bad, men being bad, heteros being bad, and America being bad. Eventually you get tired of watching all of that nonsense and you just double the f*ck out of the TV and call it a day. Well, I’m here to give you good news for once and it’s that Zombieland 2: Double Tap is on the horizon for release this October and the only thing it’ll be double-tapping is two rounds to the head for the undead.

The trailer for Sony and Columbia Pictures’ upcoming action-comedy is filled with everything that Lefties hate: straight white men, men with testosterone (or at least one of them), beautiful women, straight people, and lots of guns… plenty of guns. It’s like a waking wet dream of a Second Amendment masturbator, there’s just all sorts of hardware on display to make a trigger-happy, Stetson-wearing, hammer-pulling, hardihood honcho grin with glee.

The trailer is a rip-roaring two and a half minutes of jokes and zombie brains. So if you don’t like either you may as well step off and head back across the line to another website like your asylum just got denied at the border. For everyone else, scope out the trailer below, courtesy of We Got This Covered.

Plot-wise the film looks kind of all over the place, but maybe they were only showing the fun parts in order to hide the potential peripeteia that might unfold at some point in the film.

Instead of focusing entirely on the story, the trailer centers around the quartet of survivors, including Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and some other chick who plays Emma Stone’s sister. Said sister eventually jets off into the arms of a weed-smoking hippy, and the other three go out in search of her, encountering a smorgasbord of personalities that range from the pistol-wielding Rosario Dawson to the doppelganger duo involving a monster truck-driving Luke Wilson.

Zombieland 2 Double Tap - Luke Wilson

It doesn’t look like high-tier cinema but it sure as heck doesn’t have to be. So long as it’s not a Netflix train wreck of cobbled-together stories  used as a vehicle to shoplift our sensibilities with some nonsensical agendas, then it’s a step above the current schlock we’ve currently been fed.

With so many rotten-reeled films spinning on the projector of covered in Weinstein-encrusted fluids, I can’t help but think that sometimes we just need to step away from all of the Hollywood child-raping goons and attempt to enjoy something that isn’t designed to subvert American values, destroy our cultural sensibilities, or attempt to indoctrinate our children with the sort of nonsense you’ll find on a channel promoting the kind of degeneracy you might see in a trailer like this:

But I digress.

Zombieland 2: Double Tap seems like the kind of comedic, testosterone-infused theatrical romp some of us need to wind down off the Culture War nonsense… or at least, I would like to hope that’s what the film does.

In today’s society there are so many outlets for media entertainment to be subverted by propaganda that it’s not even funny. You basically have to constantly look over your shoulder like a partially blind man with club feet and a wrist full of Rolex watches taking a stroll down Fern Street in Camden, New Jersey.

Anyway, you can look for Zombieland 2: Double Tap to hit theaters on October 18th this fall.

(Thanks for the news tip NoriyukiWorks)

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