Alex Lifschitz, Crash Override Network Co-Founder Accused Of Abuse, Misconduct

Alex Lifschitz

Anti-#GamerGate activist, male feminist, and co-founder of Crash Override Network, Alex Lifschitz, was accused of being abusive and misconducting himself while involved with various partners. This should come as no surprise to most people who had been following Lifschitz campaign against #GamerGate, given that many male feminists who were opposed to the consumer movement to restore ethics in games journalism turned out to be sex pests or abusers, which we’ve chronicled on the SJW Sexual Misconduct master list.

The news was spotted by journalist Brad Glasgow, who did a summary video about the incident on his YouTube channel Game Objective.

The video references tweets that were published on August 28th, 2019 by Twitter user Leffel, who accused Alex Lifschitz of abuse and misconduct.

Leffel wrote across multiple tweets…

“[S]ince we doing it: i dated a game producer who loved performing feminism in public. in private he took photos of me w/o consent during sex and called another dev a cunt whose partner would leave her if she weren’t suicidal. when I ended it he accused me of “retriggering his PTSD”


“[T]he icing on this cake is that i confided all of this to another game dev. we’d been Internet & Conference friends for a while, and she was hot on the “Women In Games” circuit at the time. she consoled me about how terrible he was, then started dating him a couple weeks later and the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake is that homeboy further went on to help found a survivor support network, which you’ve probably heard of!”

Eventually the vagaries were done away with, and Leffel came out and named Lifschitz as the alleged perpetrator of said abuses.

The irony of the claims about Elizabeth Sampat being complicit in covering for Lifschitz is quite telling, especially given that in a tweet by Glasgow, Sampat was one of the people responsible for pushing the falsehoods about Atari pioneer Nolan Bushnell.

For those of you who don’t remember, Nolan Bushnell was dogpiled by feminists who claimed that he engaged in misconduct, and despite protests from the women who he actually worked with, the Game Developers Conference organizers reneged Bushnell’s lifetime achievement award.

Sampat, however, acknowledged the accusations made by Leffel and apologized.

Not to be outdone by the attention that the others were receiving, Zoe Quinn – who was the girlfriend of Alex Lifschitz at the time #GamerGate was unfolding – created a thread on August 29th, 2019, throwing Lifschitz completely under the bus.

Quinn wrote…

“Thread. About Alex Lifschitz, my partner through the worst of GG and former Crash Override cofounder. I believe them. I confronted Alex. He admits to all of it. He manipulated and lied to me for years and I’m only finding any of this out now.


“I’ve been in touch with everyone involved privately and I’m absolutely fucked up and my faith in humanity and ability to trust people is severely shaken. I’m disgusted that someone I trusted with my life was capable of this, and someone I looked up to knew and vouched for him.


“To anyone out there he might’ve hurt, I’m so fucking sorry. No one told me until now. I COMPLETELY support and stand with @deviltheirdue and I owe them so much for speaking up because I’ve just been carrying this guilt and obligation to him around for sticking by me for 5 years.


“He admitted to everything and has not been affiliated with anything I am a part of for quite some time, partially because of how his treatment of me worried collaborators, but I defended, because he used the same mental health terminology to excuse or dismiss bad behavior. I am fucking gutted beyond belief. I owed him my life. But I am siding with and believing @deviltheirdue. Truth is on their side.


“This really, really fucked me up and I know all the worst people are gonna have a field day with this shit so im going back underwater.”

There has been zero proof of Lifschitz’ actions, but in the age of the Clown there’s an employment of “Listen & Believe” by the people who get triggered by a hashtag, and so there’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever to back up the allegations made against Lifschitz.

Nevertheless, many of the usual suspects who were orbiting the #GamerGate hashtag to cash-in their offense at every opportunity with virtue signaling were also there in Quinn’s thread, ready to fire a salvo of insanity down from orbit like clown-powered satellites.

If you’re unfamiliar with Alex Lifschitz’ work and life, there’s a recap of his antics and how he got involved with #GamerGate over on Crime and Federalism, as well as a very biased piece on Engadget about how he and Zoe Quinn started Crash Override Network, which later ended up shutting down following leaks that revealed the group had engaged in doxing and harassment.

Nevertheless, as pointed out by journalist Ian Miles Cheong, male feminist allies living by the sword always fall by the sword.

Lifschitz is now one of the newest members on the SJW Sexual Misconduct master list.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)

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