Amazon Shuts Down Gab’s Investing Sub-Domain After Journalists Notify Amazon
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Journalists sought to get Gab’s investment sub-domain,, shut down following the latest shootings that took place in Dayton, Ohio and El paso, Texas. Amazon acquiesced after being made aware of the article that was published on August 6th, 2019 by Judd Legum over on

Kotaku In Action 2 noted that an article over on Buzzfeed, cited Legum’s article as the reason for Amazon being alerted to Gab’s investment sub-domain, which used to be hosted on Amazon’s services.

An Amazon spokesperson told Buzzfeed that they were alerted to Gab after Legum’s article was published, with Buzzfeed’s Ryan Mac and Ryan Broderick writing…

“The company said it first learned of its business relationship with Gab on Tuesday, following a report by journalist Judd Legum that found Amazon Web Services was hosting the Gab subdomain.”

The article was broadcast by a tweet from Legum on social media, where he explicitly called out Amazon for hosting the Gab sub-domain, which was seeking investments from accredited investors to raise capital for Series A stock.

While Amazon didn’t respond to Legum, they did respond to Buzzfeed, with a spokesperson for their web services saying…

“This site promotes content that constitutes hate speech and is unacceptable according to our Acceptable Use Policy. We have taken our usual path when websites violate our AUP and are working with the direct hosting partner to notify and shut down the website.”

There was no proof that Gab violated the Acceptable Use Policy, and no citation of the violation in question.

Worse yet is that basically big tech is openly saying that they don’t like, nor respect, nor want users exhibiting or exercising any extents of free speech that they don’t like, even if it’s not illegal or doesn’t violate any laws.

This is an outright attack on freedom of speech, and the vanguard of the attack is being led by journalists.

Unfortunately people still won’t wake up and will continue to support the dissolution of their own freedoms on behalf of those offended by speech they don’t like.

Now the upside is that Gab’s actual main domain is safe. They switched over to a decentralized network setup to avoid being deplatformed, which is what happened to 8chan recently.

However, the media will not stop until every free speech bastion on the net will be completely censored, banned, or removed leading up to the 2020 elections.

(Thanks for the news tip Detective Pikachu)


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