Ardanna, Sexy Sword And Sorcery Comic IndieGoGo Campaign Is Cutting It Close
Ardanna Comic

Wyatt Holliday and D. Flores’ Aradanna is a new comic book IP set within the world of sword, sorcery, and sexy bikini armor. The cheesecake adventure comic is currently seeking funds right now over on IndieGoGo, but the campaign is cutting it close as they’re looking to hit a goal of $3,500 but they only have three days to go while resting at 85% of said goal.

The biggest issue is obviously trying to get the word out about the comic since most people have no idea that it exists, and it’s obviously resting in a bubble sitting outside the mainstream. Also, that’s not to mention that even if the mainstream comic book websites and game culture outlets did write about this particular comic book series, they would probably dog it since it features a sexy, beautiful, white lead with blonde hair and blue eyes, and the cancel culture cultists hate that kind of imagery.

Anyway, Ardanna is one of those globetrotting adventures that centers around Ardanna trying to track down her missing father.

Ardanna believes that her father’s true birthright had been stolen, and it’s up to her to track him down as well as the mysteries surrounding the birthright, as well as an ancient history involving mystical power that has been hidden from the world due to those who rule the land.

Ardanna attempts to uncover these mysteries, engaging in hijinks and mischief along the way, with plenty of skin-baring scenes rolled out along the way.

Ardanna - Bikini Armor

As you can see, it’s kind of a throwback to the old Sheena comics with a small slice of Red Sonja thrown in for good measure.

Now the comic isn’t an R18+ comic, nor does it contain any material that’s unsuitable for most comic book readers.

If you’re interested in the comic and want to support Ardanna to see it brought to life, you can do so by visiting the IndieGoGo campaign page.

Once again, the comic only has three days left before it wraps up, as of the writing of this article, so if you were interested you sort of have to hurry, otherwise you might miss out on the opportunity to back the project.

(Thanks for the news tip Wyatt Holliday)


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