Ascension: Visual Novel Dating Sim Nears Goal As Kickstarter Winds Down
Ascension Kickstarter

A classically made visual novel dating simulator, featuring puzzles, lewd selfies of hot chicks, and plenty of dialogue for people who enjoy the chitchat and banter that comes with relationship building, is currently seeking funds over on Kickstarter right now and it’s called Ascension: The Gods Walk This Earth.

It’s hailed as an RPG, strategy, dating simulator with visual novel interaction sequences. It’s not unlike the very popular puzzle dating-sim, Huniepop from the similarly named Huniepot.

Sun-Riviera Studios’ game centers around a hopeless romantic who fails to romance Aphrodite, who returns to Earth in human form.

Piqued by your pathetic attempt at wooing the girl, Apollo decides to take you under his wing and help you become a godly lady killer.

Ascension - H-Scene Preview

Ascension centers around the player attempting to utilize your cynosure to get the eight gods to fall in love with you.

Much like other dating sims, you’ll have to work your magic and find out what the personality quirks are for each girl, as well as complete the tasks to win over the affection of their heart.

The list of romance options spans from foxgirls to blondes, and from busty mature chicks to lolis.

There appears to be at least one type of girl in there for everyone.

In between the dialogue options and visiting different locations for the dates, there are challenges to complete and mini-games to play through in order to unlock the goods from each of the gods. As you complete the challenges and beat the puzzle stages, you’ll unlock selfies from the girls, showcasing them in a state of undress. The more you win the more you’ll get to see of each of the lovely ladies until you unlock the full H-scenes.

Again, it’s very much like Huniepop, only instead of chasing after average chicks you’re hounding down some kitsune tail.

It’s a shame they don’t have more artwork available at the moment, but Sun-Riviera Studios previously released Azure Wing: Rising Gale, and they’re also working on releasing Dawn Drop: Radiant Beginnings, which was also Kickstarted.

If you feel like helping them get Ascension: The Gods Walk This Earth, you can do so by visiting the Kickstarter page. They have less than two weeks to go but they’re already have $14,795 accounted for of their $20,000 goal. If all goes as planned they expect to get Ascension finished and released by October, 2020.

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