Black Widow Writer Not Interested In “Canon That Is Discriminatory” To Her Values System
Black Widow SJW

Activist writer and feminist Jac Schaeffer is in charge of writing the upcoming Black Widow film, as well as helming WandaVision. She previously helped pen Captain Marvel and she’s moving the dial of activism a few notches further Left, even if every normal person hates it.

In an interview with Inverse that Bounding Into Comics picked up, the outlet prefaced Schaeffer’s comments by proclaiming that Schaeffer will basically be removing everything that makes movies and action flicks entertaining in order to focus on her own interpretation. Inverse wrote…

“Schaeffer has a bold vision for superhero movies of the coming decade: more sympathetic villains, less glamorization of weaponry, and stronger representation of marginalized voices. To comic book movie fans who prefer ultra-violent shoot-outs, 100 percent-evil villains, and casts that look like they did a decade or two ago”

If that didn’t make you throw up in your mouth a little bit, the next part definitely will.

Schaeffer told the outlet that canon will be damned in her vision of a media property if it’s discriminatory to her own values system. She out and out tells the Left-wing hotspot…

“I’m not interested in adhering to comic canon that is discriminatory in any way or that violates my values system.” […]


[…] “When people react with hate, it saddens me. I think it’s a shame. But that’s not where I want to put my energy. I’m not interested in the loud, sour-grapes voices.”

So basically, this means that art means nothing to these people because it’s all about their agenda and what adheres to their ideology and what doesn’t offend their sensibilities, for which they are flimsier than Amber Heard’s cheaply constructed lies.

Traitorous Centrists™ will quickly throw up an excuse that Schaeffer isn’t “feminist” and that Black Widow won’t be a “feminist film”. Let me say out right: that is a lie.

Schaeffer herself already admitted to Creative Screenwriting back in December of 2018 that Black Widow would be a feminist film, saying…

“I’ve had some luck because my original scripts are genre mash-up. The Hustle is a comedy, but Black Widow is action-adventure. Both films are female-led and feminist in nature, which is a cause of mine.”

Centrists™… go suck an egg.

So not only does Schaeffer not mind diverting from the source material, but she’s also intent on making her projects feminist propaganda.

Oh, ignorant Centrists™ will chime in “But being feminist doesn’t mean it’s propaganda!” Let me stop you right there, honcho.

Further into the interview with Inverse Schaeffer outright states that her goal is to remove guns and gun violence from films and to use the platform for the purpose of pushing “diversity” propaganda and anti-gun violence propaganda. In her own words, she says…

“I would like to see alternatives to violence in superhero movies. Maybe I would qualify that by saying, alternatives to glamorizing guns and weaponry. That’s one of the reasons that I love Captain Marvel — it’s all about inner power. And the destruction is not at the expense of human life. […]


“I choose to be a part of projects that are about positive representation. We need to see women, we need to see people of color, we need to see nuanced experiences, and we need to see different perspectives on screen. I choose to work with people who are interested in changing perspectives for the better, and putting a world on screen that is something we can aspire to and have conversations about, and moving in a direction that will create a world I hope will be better for my children.”

In short: Black Widow is going to be a feminist, anti-gun, “diversity” piece of propaganda.

The only people who would willingly support that kind of trash fire are anti-American traitors.

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