Booty Slayers Uncensored Adventure Game Is Free-To-Play On Nutaku
Booty Slayers

Nutaku has added another free-to-play, visual novel-style adventure game to their line-up in the form of Booty Slayers. The game is a simple point-and-click, sprite-based outing with a lot of grinding, some exploration and plenty of H-scenes galore.

The title recently popped up over on the Nutaku page, where it’s available to play through your browser. So as long as you have a fairly up-to-date browser you’ll be able to get in some game time with Booty Slayers.

Now what exactly is the game about? Well, you take on the role of a pirate, you hop onto your boat, and you travel across various isles looking and seeking out treasure. As you defeat other pirates and unlock new upgrades and abilities, you’ll be able to gain access to higher quality treasure. So what’s so high-quality about the treasure? Well, it escalates from seeing hot chicks, to seeing hot chicks in their underwear, to eventually banging hot chicks.

You can get an idea of what the gameplay is like with the NSFW trailer below, which quickly runs through the core gameplay concepts, the puzzles, and the hotties you can encounter.

To keep gamers coming back for more, they offer various upgrades only found further into the game. So as you play you unlock new treasure, you unlock new chicks, you unlock new H-scenes, and then you grind some more for some better upgrades, the ability to acquire reinforcements to help you out during battle, and to access hidden pirate powers.

According to Nutaku, Booty Slayers will receive regular updates and events to keep players coming back for more. Right out of the gate they had a hard launch update to fix some compatibility issues, reduce load times, and squash some bugs. So it should work properly right out of the gate.

You can get your hands on Booty Slayers right now, for free, by heading on over to the very obvious NSFW Nutaku store page.

I don’t know if the artwork or gameplay is enough to sway over gamers of more discerning tastes, but if you’re the kind of the low-quality weeb who prefers the Western style to the Eastern style, then I can see how you might enjoy the salacious ladies of Booty Slayers.


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