Cannon Busters Dragged Into Identity Politics Due To Twitter Warriors

Cannon Busters

Every normal person is absolutely fed up with identity politics, but sadly Netflix’s new American cartoon, Cannon Busters, is being used as a vehicle to create more division and chaos within nerd culture.

According to Sankaku Complex, various users are trying to stir the pot on Twitter to turn Cannon Busters into another identity politics battleground by bringing race into it.

The American cartoon is being praised by people unfamiliar with real anime and who have little or no knowledge of Japanese animation, which has made the show a nexus point of contention for some.

But others aren’t so quick to shower it with praise just because it checks some token boxes.

A few pointed out that the animations aren’t so great and the character development is lacking, making it a below-par experience compared to better animated shows out there.

As pointed out by Sankaku Complex, the Netflix-distributed show features black characters, and this has made the activists and social media warriors buzz around the property like flies around trash.

[Update:] Worse yet is that originally Cannon Busters was supposed to be a comic book, and was Kickstarted, but backers have been complaining in the comment sections and on social media about never having received the comic.

It’s unlikely to last for long, and most people who are praising the show will likely soon forget about it once the next flavor of the month rears its head and the same people fishing for likes on Twitter repeat the process in an attempt to virtue signal as much and as hard as possible to compensate for the vapid and empty lives they occupy, which is filled with pointless banter and pathetic pleas for attention.

(Thanks for the news tip LoP)