Capcom, FGC Organizers Ban Gllty, Chris Bahn From E-Sports Events For Sexual Misconduct


A flurry of allegations about sexual misconduct has spread around the fighting game community, with trans player Leah “Gllty” Hayes being one of the most prominent figures to be ousted from the community after the allegations surfaced.

According to Dexerto, Gllty admitted to the misconduct via a tweet after the allegations had surfaced.

Across a number of tweets, Gllty wrote the following on August 12th, 2019

“I’ve flirted with a lot of women, and in more than once instance I’ve made them feel uncomfortable. I’ve made mistakes with boundaries, and I’m aware I’ve hurt people.


“There’s a lot going on with regards to safety and comfort in event spaces. I’ve received a lot of harassment but I’ve also contributed to the toxic environment in my own ways. I’m sorry both to those who believed in me and also those I’ve affected negatively, or made them not want to return to events.


“It’s my obligation to take responsibility. I’m not sure what to do next, but taking ownership of my own actions is the first step.


“I think I’ve grown past a lot of my poor choices in a lot of ways, but even after forgiveness or exoneration there’s always the memory of past actions. It’s something to pay penance for, but I can’t undo how others felt as a direct result of me.


“I’m collecting my thoughts on the moment, but I think taking an exit is a neccessary choice.


“If you’ve contributed as I have to the problems within the FGC, I hope you will sack up and do the same.


“I tried to tweet about this last year, during the #metoo stuff.


“I guess I forgot and quickly remembered I was transgender and people were more rabidly hungry to see me burn than to care about the content of what I was saying, so I was chickenshit and deleted it.[…]”


As noted on the Street Fighter Reddit, Combo Breaker and East Coast Throwdown both disavowed Gllty.

This was followed up with a post by Capcom, who made an official statement about the matter, as reported by Eventhubs.

Capcom wrote…

“Over the past several days Capcom has received a number of troubling complaints about Leah “Gllty” Hayes from community members,” Capcom’s statement starts. “Following a review of these allegations and other information available to us it is clear that there have been multiple violations of our player code of conduct over an extended period.

“We therefore have concluded that we have no choice but to ban “Gllty” from all Capcom owned and/or operated events including Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter League until further notice. This is global prohibition, meaning it applies to tournaments and events in any location throughout the world.”

Eventhubs also noted that they separated professionally from photographer Chris Bahn, who apparently was also engaged in misconduct.

In a statement to Dexerto, Bahn stated…

“Given the serious nature and urgency of this matter, I am looking into every conceivable aspect that includes seeking professional help as soon as possible.”

“It is imperative that I find an answer. My primary objective is to establish the healing process, push forward, and focus toward building anew.”

Alex Jebailey and CEO Gaming announced that Chris Bahn was no longer welcome back at the event, tweeting the following on August 10th, 2019.

Combo Breaker also tweeted out a statement, indicating that Chris Bahn would be banned from the Combo Breaker LLC events.

All of the drama unfolded shortly after EVO 2019, with a number of cancel-culture posts spread across social media to get these people outed from the community.

It’s a prime indicator that if you attempt to get embedded into cancerous communities, don’t expect to come out without catching a terminal case of cancer yourself.

(Thanks for the news tip Wondy Bergers)