Capcom Teases Project Resistance Will Appear At Tokyo Game Show 2019

Not too long ago, we reported on Capcom working on some new project related to Resident Evil and the Ambassador project. As of now, the company will bring this game dubbed as “Project Resistance” to Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Sadly, little is out in the wild regarding this new project by Capcom. However, what is known is that the Resident Evil Ambassador team is assembling people from Japan and the U.S. to test whatever this game is. We also know that this secret game will appear at TGS 2019.

Moreover, a person by the name of Patrick Copeland took to Twitter back on August 9th, 2019, to announce that he got an email from Capcom’s Resident Evil Ambassador team, where he explains that he can try out a new title that’s in early development — which is Project Resistance.

Naturally, many people believe that this secret game is a new Resident Evil mainline game or remake, although it could be a spin-off like Umbrella Corps. Anyway, what’s certain is that this new game goes by the code name of “Project Resistance” and will appear at TGS 2019 thanks to the following tweet:

In case you don’t know, Capcom will hold top-secret sessions for Project Resistance, which will take place in Los Angeles on September 20th, 2019, and in New York on September 23rd, 2019.

The good news is that we’ll finally figure out what this new working title is soon. Given that TGS 2019 kicks-off on September 12th, we only have a couple of weeks left before Capcom reveals whatever it is regarding Project Resistance.

Lastly, participants (Resident Evil Ambassador members) are required to register for the program and must have played a previous Resident Evil game to get in, meaning Capcom only wants knowledgeable fans of the series.


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