Cerulean Days Kickstarter Stretch Goal Includes R18+ Content
Cerulean Days

Leaf and Sunako’s Cerulean Days visual novel is currently part of a Kickstarter campaign where the team is seeking nearly $12,000 to bring the contemporary romance tale to life over the course of the next 23 days, as of the writing of this article. They’ve already achieved $3,385 of their current goal, but if they can reach the goal and then some, they have plans on developing an R18+ version of the game.

The story centers around a tropical, picturesque island called Inre. It’s an expensive resort-like place where only the privileged few can afford to vacation there. However, it’s not quite the place that everyone thinks it is, and after a viral outbreak that claims the lives of many, the government cracks down hard on the citizens of Inre, taking extreme measures to ensure that it never happens again, which includes completely cutting off the small island from having any access to the internet.

The story centers around Michael and Séverine, as they attempt to rediscover human bonds through physical kinship, as well as understand the mysteries behind the decisions of Inre’s government.

The visual novel promises comedy, romance, and intrigue, much like many other visual novels out there. The art-style seems to match the story quite well, so much so that you can basically get a feel for the island even with just a few of the provided screenshots from artist Sunako.

There are a lot of clean lines, soft colors, and a bright palette to help bring the island and the characters to life. If you check out some of Sunako’s other work over on their Twitter account you can definitely see that Cerulean Days seems to have a clear separation in style from the rest of their content, which is a good thing.

The Swedish developers have also contracted Isak Hedlund to head up the game’s soundtrack, providing a musical score that attaches to the art with solemn synergy. You can get a taste of what the score is like with the Soundcloud teaser below.

If the visual novel manages to reach and surpass its goal within the next 23 days, there are some stretch goals that the team have planned out for Cerulean Days, including additional spriete poses at $14,000, and a full opening and ending animated sequence at $16,000. At $22,000 they will look into including R18+ content for the game that will seamlessly tie into the game’s story.

The full game will be around 20 hours long, but if you’re not sure if the project is worth backing there’s a free demo you can download from Google Drive.

The demo will give you a small taste of the artwork and story scenario that they have so far. If you’re interested in backing the project you can do so by visiting the Kickstarter page.

If all goes as planned, you can expect Cerulean Days to arrive on Steam and as a DRM-free outing in August of 2020.


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