Control Gameplay Walkthrough

Control Walkthrough

505 Games and Remedy Entertainment really got off to a horrible start with the third-person, sci-fi shooter Control, no thanks to 505 Games trying to stir the gender identitarian pot by excluding male streamers from uploading footage or streaming the game until a day after female streamers had access to the game. They pulled this little stunt as part of “Womens Equality Day”, which seemed to translate into women supremacy day. Anyway, now that said stunt has concluded, various streamers and content creators have been uploading footage of the game, which includes full gameplay walkthroughs.

YouTuber MKIceandFire has a playlist featuring a Control walkthrough to help gamers get started. You can check out the first part of the series below.

At the start of the game there’s narration from Jesse, the main character of the game.

She goes on a soliloquy about the world being bigger and stranger than what we all know.

After the dialogue ends, we then get into the game and you get the basic tutorial on how to move about using the left analog stick, how to sprint, how to pick up items and interact with the environment, as well as how to check on data from the collectibles.

Press ‘X’ on the Xbox One controller to pick up or examine objects, which is ‘Square’ on the PS4 DualShock controller.

Make your way upstairs and through the offices and talk to Ahti.

Control - Ahti The Janitor

Ahti will direct you to the elevator. Head inside the elevator to trigger the intro credits.

You’ll find various collectibles scattered about leading up to the director’s office. Go inside and grab the OOP service weapon.

After a brief video from Dr. Darling of the Federal Bureau of control, you’ll travel to the astral plane where you’ll need to platform across the areas, melee attack the enemies, and then grab the service weapon.

The tutorial will teach you that you can replenish your health by killing enemies. They will sometimes drop items you can use to keep yourself alive.

Control - Now I Have A Gun

Once you finish the tutorial you’ll need to exit the office and take down the three Hiss Guards.

Make your way to Central Executive and open the you can grab a collectible from within the shielded shelter.

There’s another collectible at the end of the offices.

Head through the through the office area, grab a few more of the documents from the office desks and then head toward the giant upside down pyramid.

Kill the Hiss guards and rangers.

Once you kill all the enemies, go into the center of the room and hold down the activation button to “cleanse the control point”.

This will cleanse the room.

Go over to the safe room intercom and interact with it to trigger another lengthy cinematic.

Control – Emily

So once you cleanse a control point you’re able to use it as a checkpoint to modify your service weapon and change your outfits for Jesse.

Your next mission is pretty simple, attempt to cleanse the possessed Agent. Go over to the floating Asian lady and hold down the activation button.

Your next mission is to access a red telephone called the Hotline. It’s kept in the containment chamber through the mail room in the communications department.

Before you leave, you can talk with Emily about the Oldest House, about The Hiss, about the Hotline, Trench and and the Hedron Resonance Amplifier, which is what keeps the Hiss away from those wearing an HRA device.

You’ll need to head to the communications department. There’s a nav point marked on your map in yellow to help you reach the area. It’s at the northern most part of the map, just to your left when you come out of the board room.

Make your way through the halls until you get through the double doors and you’ll encounter some Hiss guards. Take them out and then head down through the cafeteria. You won’t be able to pass into the Hiss containment zone just yet.

Several guards will appear; kill them.

One of them should drop a rate of fire mod. You can equip it to the gun to increase how fast the service weapon fires.

At the bottom of the cafeteria head through the double doors at the back of the cafeteria.

Inside the office area there is some material to acquire as well as several more guards to kill.

It’s all pretty basic.

Make your way up to the second level; kill the guards and access the control point to cleanse the area.

Take note that when you cleanse a control point it also doubles as a fast-travel location.

Before you can go any further you need to venture through the pneumatics room and cleanse the object of power.

Make your way up and around the platform on the right and then dodge the projectiles and get in close to the giant floppy disk. Activate the disk to cleanse the object of power.

Control - Object of Power

After you retrieve the floppy disk, you will unlike the ability to kinetically lift and lob objects by looking at them with the right analog and launching them at the reticule’s direction.

Complete the short tutorial that teaches you how to throw objects with Jesse’s new power.

Take out the Hiss rangers once you complete the tutorial and then proceed to exit the pneumatics room.

Make your way through the communications area toward the mail room, which is just south of the communications department.

There’s a control point in the communications area along with a locked door. There’s a dead body near the control point with a keycard on him. Take the keycard from the dead body.

Head around to the south of the communications department and there are steps leading upstairs. Go up the steps and through the double doors; there should be computer terminals inside of hollowed out cubes.

Kill the Hiss rangers

There’s a item box located up in the rafters that you’ll only be able to hit by lobbing an object up there using your kinetic abilities.

Once you get done you can exit the room and then proceed through the double doors with the bloody trail on the ground.

There’s a boss fight that takes place inside the mail terminal.

Use your kinetic abilities to throw objects at Tommasi and then use the service weapon to shoot him once he dodges the objects. Be sure to hide behind the pneumatic pillars to avoid his projectiles and then light him up once you have a clear shot.

Tommasi will fly away and then you’ll need to head to the through the door on the second floor that leads into the hotline chamber.

Control - The Hotline At The End Of Reality

Proceed through the Hotline chamber and the corridor will lead you to the light switch.

Press the switch and then press it again and it will take you to the Oceanview Motel.

Press the service bell on the desk and it will open the door on the left at the far end of the hall. Take the key from inside the room and then head back down the hall to the room with a black pyramid symbol on it.

Flip the light switch until a pathway to the Hotline chamber appears.

Head across the platform and take the Hotline.

Another astral plane tutorial will begin.

Control - The Hotline

You don’t have to kill the extradimensional beings, you simply have to lure them away from your pathway and run past them until you reach the Hotline at the end of the tutorial.

Make your way all the back to Emily in the safe room in the board room.

After talking with Emily you’ll need to head to the maintenance sector.

Before you proceed to the next area, it might be wise to upgrade your abilities using the skill points you unlocked so far.

Once you’re done upgrading your gear, head to the elevator and head down to the maintenance sector.

Take out the Hiss rangers guarding the control point and cleanse it once it’s all clear.

Head into the next area but avoid going into the room with the spores.

Take out the Hiss guards along the railings and then follow the signs that lead you toward the janitor’s office.

You’ll find the janitor’s office at the following location on your map:

You’ll find Ahti inside his office which is located around the storage shelves where the sign says “janitor’s office”.

The door is on the back of the wall with a picture of Ahti on it. Talk to Ahti to gain access to clearance level 2 doors.

Once you get done talking to Ahti, there’s a break room down the hall. Go down the hall into the break room and when you attempt to interact with the objects in the room it should take you to a tutorial that teaches you how to evade.

You can use the evade to dodge enemy attacks, as well as get past environmental obstructions. If you sprint and jump using your evade, you’ll air-dodge.

Your next mission is to flush the coolant pumps and repair the power generators.

Make your way around to the service maintenance elevator and head down to the NSC power plant room.

Talk to Arish to get the details on the mission parameters.

Exit the security control room and head to the outer portion of the NSC power plant, and if you move around the outer rim you’ll encounter more Hiss soldiers. Take them out and eventually you’ll head into a control room. Clear out the Hiss and take over the control point.

Go inside the cell where the NSC energy converters are located.

Take out the Hiss.

Make your way to the converter and use the energy modules to plug them into the energy converter You’ll need to plug in the modules at the open slots at each level of the generator.

Once you get all the modules hooked into the converter head to the NSF control room and take the elevator down to the power plant.

How To Acquire The Shield

Head through the maintenance access and destroy the Hiss nodes within the foyer to gain access to the training sector.

Complete the training course and you’ll need to destroy an object of power shield by lobbing objects at it before you can access the safe.

The safe grants you access to a kinetic shield.

Take out the guards, exit the room, and then make your way out of the training facility by going back the way you came.

Head back to the NSC power plant room and go over to the NSC coolant pumps.

Once inside, plug in the electrical module into the wall and open the gate, kill all of the Hiss inside and then use the control point to cleanse the room.

If you picked up Ahti’s sidequest to clean out the hazardous material in the furnace room, you’ll need to use your powers to pick up the green hazardous barrels and chuck them into the giant furnace at the end of the room.

Make your way through the crevice and into the inner coolant area. Head down the couloir and take out the Hiss.

You’ll reach the NSC coolant pumps.

Grab the energy modules and plug it into the coolant pumps.

You’ll have to fight the Hiss while you attempt to plug in the modules into each pump. The first one is right when you walk into the room. Plug it in and then head to the back of the room and there’s a giant sludge monster clogging the pipes. It fires out projectile poop, so don’t get hit with it, or Jesse will be undateable for the rest of her life.

You need to fire on the glowing eye pods on the giant poop clogs. Make your way through the tunnel and keep killing the poop stains.

Make your way out of the sludge infested area once you hear the rumble and Jesse says “I don’t like that sound”. Plug the electrical module into the pump and then make your way up to the third level and plug in the energy module into the final coolant turbine.

A lockdown will occur and you’ll need to kill all the soldiers and Hiss operatives before you can continue.

There’s a Coppack trooper with a mini-gun who will come down out of the elevator, giving you a boss fight to deal with before you can leave.

Make your way back to the NSC power plant room and then take the elevator to the NSC control room and use the directorial override to lift the lockdown after clearing out the room and cleansing the control point.

This will open up new areas within the bureau, including the research center.

Once you get done in the NSC maintenance area head back to the board room and talk to Emily.

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