Custom Order Maid 3D2 R18+ Patch For Steam Available Off-Site
Custom Order Maid 3D2

KISS and S-Court released Custom Order Maid 3D2: It’s A Night Magic on Steam recently as an all ages release. You don’t need to tinker with the adult filters to purchase the game. However, it’s the butchered, censored version of Custom Order Maid 3D2: It’s A Night Magic. The good part is that there’s a R18+ patch available for download… off-site.

The bad news is that you have to pay for the patch. It’s available for $4.50 over on the S-Court website.

The patch will enable the adult content in the game, allowing you to experience the true pleasures of the custom order maids. This includes enabling the H-scenes, the NTR guest scenes, and the love with master H-content.

Alternatively, for people who are weak-willed with sensitive stomachs to the NTR content, there is an “NTR Block” option that you can turn on in the menu to censor any of the NTR scenes from the game.

Also, in case you were wondering, the H-scenes do indeed work with the VR portions of the game. So if you have an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift, you can use the R18+ patch to experience those high-quality 3D sexy-time scenes in the full ocular encapsulation of an HMD.

Whether or not that will actually make the game better is up to personal preference, but the option is certainly there.

A lot of gamers were angered that Custom Order Maid 3D2 launched on Steam without any of the adult content, but it was explained that due to Valve’s inconsistent rules it’s sometimes best that companies release the censored version on Steam and then provide the R18+ patch off-site, like in the old days… before the adult filters were put into place.

You can presently purchase Custom Order Maid 3D2 from Nutaku, which comes with all of the R18+ content packed in, or you can get the censored all-ages version from the Steam store. However, you will need to purchase the R18+ patch separately if you choose to get the Steam version.

Such are the vices of life.

(Thanks for the news tip erobotan and Teriteri)


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