Dead Or Alive 6 Individual DLC Purchases Will Soon Come To PS4 In The West

Dead or Alive 6 DLC

PS4 owners who purchased Dead or Alive 6 were put into a rather precarious position when they were unable to purchase DLC individually for the game, but it was possible to do so on the Japanese PlayStation Store for PS4 and Xbox One. Well, Koei Tecmo was alerted to this predicament and decided to actually do something about it.

After being pestered about the issue for the last five months, Koei Tecmo made a public announcement about addressing the issue of the availability of individual DLC purchases on the PS4.

They made a tweet on August 9th, 2019 saying that early next month in September, they would make an announcement about details for the new system that would bring the PS4 up to parity with Xbox One users regarding purchasing individual DLC costumes for the characters.

Why exactly was this feature not available from the start?

Some users claimed it must have been a technical issue that made it debilitating for Team Ninja to implement the change, but others pointed out that individual costume and DLC purchases were available on the Japanese version of the PlayStation store.

This is true, if you visit the PlayStation Store Japan, you can actually browse through and purchase DLC individually from the store.

We did a report back in late March noting that Koei Tecmo originally stated that individual DLC purchases were not going to be available on Steam or PS4 in the West, but apparently they’re walking back that claim and providing a solution for those who want to purchase DLC individually on PS4 in the West.

We’ll have to wait until early September to find out exactly how this new system will work and whether or not it will come with any kind of restrictions.

Many people presumed that the individual DLC purchases weren’t available due to Sony’s head office in California, and that due to the censorship policies they didn’t want the sexy swimwear and other outfits available on the PlayStation Store. That was never confirmed, but depending on how the individual purchases for DLC is setup and what Koei Tecmo has to announce in early September will determine whether or not those presumptions are true.

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