Dlala Studios Turned The Freaking Battletoads Un-Metal In New Gameplay Video

I have played quite a bit of the Battletoad games, and one of my favorites is Battletoads and Double Dragon. Of course, hearing that Microsoft would team up with Dlala Studios brought concerns to the table because it’s current year, but it also meant the big bad boys (or toads) were coming back. Well, they’re back, un-metal and look like they’ve come from the 2019 edition of Cartoon Network.

Viking pigs with horns, rats that look like a punk out of a 1980s action film, bulls with spiked shoulder pads, strange robotics, and of course a bad bunch of toads ready to kick some rat’s rear was all in the OG entries of Battletoads.

Jump to 2019, and you know what we get? Well, we get a clothed and crazy looking feminist version of the Dark Queen. The vivacious queen that used to look like a dame from M├ętal Hurlant or Heavy Metal has had her looks reduced to the following on the left:

No sexy time and no metal; but what we do get is a Steven Universe-like Battleotoads that forgoes all of the heavy stuff and replaces it with “cute” and “soft” imagery.

Anyway, you can check out the latest gameplay footage of Battleotoads 2019, which shows the iconic, and familiar toads of the past (Zitz, Rash, and Pimple) in action. The video comes in courtesy of YouTuber Gamersyde Official:

Folks looking for the old boys to come back and rock this world with all sorts of crazy and wacky stuff won’t find it in Microsoft and Dlala Studios’ latest take on Battletoads.

Lastly, the short session of music displayed in the above video comes nowhere near the old OST of Battletoads. The opening theme to Battletoads and Double Dragon runs circles around whatever this new mess is set to release on PC and the Xbox family of consoles: