FIA European Truck Racing Championship Cheats Offer Infinite Fame, Money
FIA European Truck Cheats

We’re in a trucking mood today, and following up on the American Truck Simulator cheats, we have another set of cheats for those of you who picked up a copy of FIA European Truck Racing Championship, which launched for the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and digitally on PC. N-Racing and Bigben Interactive’s truck-based racing simulator has received a lot of critical feedback from aficionados of truck racing stating that the game has potential, but it needs some tender, love and care before it reaches its full potential. Even still, the cheat trainer should help alleviate some of the headaches with N-Racing’s outing.

The first trainer available for download has free and premium options that you can make use of courtesy of

The trainer features the following FIA European Truck Racing Championship cheats:

  • -30s Laptime
  • Opponents bad brake temperature
  • Player max gear: 7H
  • Player max gear: 6L
  • Infinite brake cooling water
  • Fame +100
  • Money +10.000
  • Freeze timer
  • Opponents max gear: 6L
  • Opponents max gear: 5L
  • Opponents max gear: N
  • Player: Perfect brake temperature
  • Finish race after this lap

You’ll have access to a handful of cheats for free, including the 30 seconds off the laptime, which will help you set laptime records for sure, and forcing your opponents to have bad braking temperature. This will make it difficult for your opponents to brake, so overall if they’re winning really badly and you just can’t seem to catch up, throw on this cheat and watch them miss turns about as badly as Danica Patrick missed the pole position throughout her entire career.

There are also some free hardcore cheats, such as limiting your gear shifts, but I have no idea why anyone in their right mind would want to do that.

Obviously, the two most useful cheats are the fame and money cheats, enabling you to rack up infinite amounts of fame and unlimited amounts of dosh so you can buy and upgrade your truck and equipment as you see fit.

The trainer is up to date with the latest version of the game, which is key because expect a lot of patches for FIA European Truck Racing following all the feedback and complaints from the community.

So what are the biggest issues plaguing the game right now? Well, there are some complaints that the force feedback is rather poor for steering wheel setups, and maybe the developers can help improve that.

There are consistent complaints about the graphics being poor, but I would expect those won’t be addressed until maybe further down the line with a graphics update patch. There are also some complaints that the physics still seem too far on the arcade side, which could be adjusted in a future patch, for sure.

For now the developers have worked on fixing some of the more pressing bugs, such as proper career credit rewards, as well as a bug where the wheel would cause players to exit the pit stop without players wanting to exit the pit. And they’ve also fixed some of the voiceover playback issues that some players were having.

They also added Chinese and Korean language support for all versions of the game, including the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page where they regularly roll out patch updates and address community feedback. Expect more trainers to arrive once FIA European Truck Racing Championship stabilizes and a solid build makes its way around the marketplace.


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