Girls And Dungeons 2 Launches Censored On Steam, R18+ Off-Site Patch Available For Download
Girls and Dungeons 2

Top Hat Studios announced that Nebelsoft’s Girls & Dungeons 2 is currently available for download over on the Steam store for just $4.99. During the first week of release, however, you can get your hands on the digital dungeon exploration game featuring delightful dames sporting some deliciously scant duds, all for your delight, at a 10% off discount.

The sequel to the original Girls & Dungeons brings all the licentious role-playing action you could hope for out of a budget-priced title, save for the fact that the Steam version of the game is censored to oblivion.

Yes, unfortunately Top Hat and Nebelsoft had to release Girls & Dungeons 2 in a censored format on Steam. Thankfully, you can get your hands on the R18+ uncensored patch for free from over on the Top Hat Studios download page.

Simply click on the uncensor patch icon and download the patch. From there, you can enjoy the H-game the way it was always meant to be played. Lewd and loud.

The game centers around Kai, a barkeep who one day encounters a hot chick who needs help navigating a dark dungeon underneath the tavern. This leads Kai in a spelunking adventure while chasing after an evil wizard, meeting hot chicks along the way, and if you decided to get the manly version of the game and not the cuckold version of the game, plenty of H-scenes to keep you occupied throughout the journey.

The core gameplay clocks in at around anywhere between 11 and 15 hours of gameplay, as you master “liquormancy” and stay boozed up throughout your less-than-harrowing hot-thot trek.

All of the pin-up and ecchi content is completely absent from the Steam version of the game, so if you want the real experience you will need to either grab the R18+ uncensored patch or simply pick up a digital copy from Nutaku or the Hat Rack when it’s made available on the other storefronts in the near future.

Alternatively, there is a Girls & Dungeons complete set bundle pack being sold on Steam that you can also grab, which features both titles at a discounted rate, allowing you to grab them for only $1.12, which is kind of a steal if I must say so myself.


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