Greedfall Trailer Details Companion Motivations, Equipment, Quests

Spiders and Focus Home Interactive released a new trailer at this year’s GamesCom event in Cologne, Germany, outlining the various companions who will join you on your adventure in the upcoming action-RPG, Greedfall.

The trailer explains what your main role is in Greedfall, as your character is originally sent as a diplomatic envoy to establish relations with a foreign and magical world far beyond the realm of known possibilities.

Players will be able to either create war or make peace between the various factions, having to meet with each one and decide for themselves who best to help, hinder, or attempt to pacify through barter, trade, or war. Along the way you’ll be able to recruit multiple NPCs, and bring along two additional NPCs on your questing adventures.

The trailer below outlines the main NPC sidekicks.

They start with Kurt, the master of arms and combat specialist. He’s a traditional white male sidekick, but unfortunately it’s not entirely straight.

Aphra is a black scientist from the Bridge Alliance. It’s a completely immersion breaking character, but that’s to be expected from French developers. Aphra focuses on long-ranged rifles and explosives.

Síora is the annoying chick with the heavy accent who represents the natives. She’s a magic wielder who specializes in one-handed blades.

Petrus, sporting the conquistador armor, is capable of both long and short range combat. The elderly gentlemen can use both melee and long-range weapons, as well as make use of some magical items.

Greedfall - Aphra

Now unlike some games where your sidekicks have their own weapons and armor that are automatically attuned to them, in Greedfall you will have to manually micromanage the best equipment for each of the characters.

It’s funny but in this latest trailer they avoided showing the gay relationships, and stuck with the hetero romances this time around.

Nevertheless, the game comes across to me as Spiders’ attempt to pick up where BioWare left off before they succumbed to poorly made games due to all the unqualified diversity hires they filled the studio with.

If you’re interested you can look for Greedfall to launch on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC starting September 10th.


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