Guilty Summer Kiss, Keyhole Spy, Waifu Master Removed From Steam By Dev

Russian developer Night Dreams Studio decided to remove all of their anime and ecchi-style games from Steam. Why? Well, they claimed that due to a new company policy they decided to change all of their content, which meant deleting their games from Steam.

On July 4th, 2019 Night Dreams Studio made a site-wide post on all of their games that were available on Steam, announcing that those games would be removed from being purchasable on the platform due to a change in company policy. The statement reads…

“With the deepest regret we have to inform you that it was decided to change the content and delete our projects from Steam because of a new company policy. We apologize to all the users who haven’t purchased the game yet, but wanted to, and thank all of you, guys, who have been staying with us and enjoyed our games.


“For those who have already purchased the game, nothing won’t change and the game will also be available to play, but you will not be able to find it in the store.


“Thank you for supporting us. “

The studio had a number of low-budget ecchi titles on the platform, including the Keyhole Spy series, which was a puzzle game that allowed you to strip down various hand-drawn beauties.

There were eight games in the Keyhole Spy series, ranging across a number of fetishes, as listed on the SteamDB bundle page.

They also had games like Guilty Summer Kiss, Football Girls: Dream Team, Speedy Girls: Dream Team, Love Casino: Smoking Aces, and a game called Boobserman, where you stripped down girls on billboards and buildings.

Boobserman - Strip

The games weren’t porn games or all-out H-titles like some games that were banned from Steam and made their way to the Waifu Holocaust 2.0 list.

Many of these games were published by Russian outfit Gamenesia, according to the SteamDB listing, but all of the titles had their purchase functions removed between July 16th and July 17th.

If you check Gamenesia’s Steam Kiwi profile, it no longer lists any of Night Dreams Studio’s anime titles, meaning that it looks like they’ve cut all ties with the developers.

You can still see some of Night Dreams Studio’s titles in the bundle packs and splash images for the bundles, however, if you check Gamenesis’ profile on the Steam database.

Guilty Summer Kiss - Bikini

The publisher doesn’t say why they broke ties with Night Dreams or what the reasons were for delisting the games from their bundle packs and publisher profile.

What’s also odd is that Night Dreams was listed as the publisher for some of their games on Steam before they scrubbed the store pages of all the relevant information.

For instance, if you check the Guilty Summer Kiss entry you’ll note that Night Dreams Studio was listed as both the publisher and developer, despite Gamenesis having Guilty Summer Kiss in their publisher bundle pack.

If you scroll through the history for some of Night Dreams titles such as Guilty Summer Kiss or Waifu Master, you’ll note that back in April of 2019 they changed the developer and publisher labels on their games from Gamenesis to Night Dreams Studio.

So apparently something happened back during the spring that prompted them to part ways, or maybe Gamenesis split off?

It’s hard to tell given that there’s practically no information on Gamenesis or the official Night Dreams Studio website.

The developer simply has a scroll bar with various games that are no longer available for purchase on Steam. There also doesn’t appear to be anyway to get in contact with either Gamenesis or Night Dreams Studio. The EULA, privacy policy and terms of service pages are all blank.

There’s no readily available contact information and the site whois data is all private.

At the very least we know that Valve wasn’t behind the de-listings or removals of any of the games given that the app store pages are still active with the announcement from Night Dreams Studio. However, all of the purchase buttons have been removed from the store pages and any reference to these games from Gamenesis has been scrubbed from their profile.

If Night Dreams decides to revive themselves at some point maybe they will explain what company policy they’re referring to in their statement and hopefully shed some light on why these ecchi games were removed from Steam.

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