Hong Kong Protestors Use Pepe The Frog To Fight For Freedom
Pepe Protest

Hong Kong protestors are being met with violence by the police in a bid from the mainland to usurp what little freedoms are left in the Hong Kong region. Following police brutality executed against the protestors, as reported by Quartz, some of the protestors decided to fire back with some sugar and spice in the form of… memes.

According to InfoWars, protestors have now adopted the little green frog, Pepe, as a symbol of freedom, and as a symbol of the authoritarian oppression being laid down upon them by the mainland. This is despite the fact that the Anti-Defamation League and SPLC have labeled Pepe as a “hate symbol”, claiming that it’s been co-opted by “racists”. Does this mean the Chinese are racists for using Pepe?

You’ll find various images and tweets online from social media accounts keeping track of the degenerating situation in Hong Kong where violence is escalating and the safety of protestors is diminishing.

I, too, wonder what the SPLC and the Anti-Defamation League will say about this? The groups are known for their racism against whites and light-skinned Asians, so we’ll see if they’ll show their true colors and promote the dogmatic subjugation of people trying to fight for freedom, or if they’ll put aside their degenerate beliefs and actually try to bring awareness to the issue plaguing the residents of Hong Kong.

Others on Twitter, such as Sarah Zheng from the South China Morning Post, highlighted how Pepe is spreading throughout the protestors’ campaign for freedom, appearing on posters and fliers throughout the region.

Others shared imagery of Pepe being fused with Mandarin slogans to help get the point across as to what’s happening in the region.

The Chinese in Hong Kong have been using American iconography and symbols of patriotism in their fight against the oppression bearing down upon them from the powers that be in the mainland.

This includes playing music and waving the American flag as a symbol of hope and freedom, something that Democrats, Liberals, and everyone on the Left now hate.

To prove my point about Leftists, Democrats, and Liberals hating freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and American values, Leftists like Ben Norton are on Twitter right now condemning the protestors for using Pepe, as opposed to trying to bring awareness to the issues they face under a despotic regime led by Winnie The Pooh.

Ben Norton from The Gray Zone Project tweeted the following.

Chinese State propaganda outlets like the China Global Television Network have been trying to reorient the narrative to make it as if the Hong Kong protestors are violent savages. News propaganda are showing footage as if the protestors are trying to destroy the city, attempting to paint them in the same light as the BLM protestors in Baltimore and Ferguson, even though the situations are nothing alike.

This narrative picked up wind and has been spread across other outlets like China Daily, which is also attempting to paint protestors as anti-police, and pro-violence, even though many of them are marching peacefully.

Actual raw footage reveals that the narrative about the Chinese protestors being violent for no reason is actually quite false. Syrian Girl posted video footage of police malicious beating an innocent woman until one of the protestors come to her aid. However, the crowd is quickly dispersed when the police draw their firearms.

This basically goes to show that when the media wants to portray a narrative they will go to great lengths to do so, completely fabricating falsehoods, depicting the innocent and downtrodden as the oppressors, and defending despots for the sake of promoting their Communist agenda.

Even with all this evidence, expect Centrists™ to continue to defend the mainstream media as they move the world closer and closer toward all-out war.

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