Joker’s Final Trailer Nails A Perfectly Nihilistic Villain
Joker (2019)

There have been some criticisms of Todd Phillips’ depiction of The Joker for his upcoming film, Joker. The criticisms have mostly centered around how he paints the Joker as a victim – a product of an unnurturing society that casts out those ill-fitted for the perfunctory mold. In a way, it’s true that Phillips’ Joker is more victim than villain based on the trailers, but at the same time it’s a great way to reflect on the concept of someone trapped in a concrete asylum of nonchalance, constantly bombarded with the imprisoning idea to just be normal. First he tries to adapt, then he becomes nihilistic, and then he takes the black pill.

The final trailer ahead of the big release of DC’s experimental character study follows the Joker as he devolves further and further into chaotic nihilism, eventually biting back with violence instead of becoming an introverted shut-in. I’m curious how they’ll capture his transition into an extroverted villain, though, because that’s basically what he’s known most for… capturing the attention of people around him in grotesque and  malevolent ways.

You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what you can expect, courtesy of IGN.

If I had a real complaint about the trailer it’s that it still can’t escape the typical trappings of the “Progressive” Liberal agenda. We still see Joker – a kooky criminal pushed to the edge of violence – attempting to find romance in an interracial relationship. This couldn’t be more out-of-character for the Joker, almost about as out-of-character as Ryan Seacrest declaring that he’s heterosexual.

Romance should have been the last thing offered to such a broken character; it would have been more fitting if he tried to engage in a romance and it all fell apart, further leading into his descent into madness.

Joker - Final Trailer

I mean, it’s still possible that everything falls apart, but the whole interracial relationship for a character as unhinged as the Joker makes no sense to me at all. I never took the Joker for being a “Progressive” Liberal.

Anyway, the rest of the film looks very intriguing. It looks like a hard-boiled character-drama, and if you never knew that it was supposed to be a DC film, no one would have guessed that it was a comic book movie.

I know the DCEU screws up a lot, but I do think that the freedom they give their directors is what sets them apart and helps them to distinguish a clear separation from the low-brow schlock that Marvel is known for producing.

I don’t know if Joker will be a good film or not, but whoever they hired to edit the trailers together needs a freaking raise like yesterday. Good goodness those trailers are perfectly on point.

Anyway, Joker is due out in theaters this October.


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