Journos Get Butt Hurt Over WNBA 2k20 Memes

If you don’t know, The NBA 2K fanbase is pretty vocal about anything that comes to the series. Whether it is something that includes sweat, voice acting, or whatever, the inclusion of a new feature to the series will always have opposite points thrown in the mix. Well, the addition of the WNBA to 2K20 and the memes that followed like clockwork has game journos all upset in unison.

To drive the point home that the community abused by 2K — with microtransactions, copy/paste content, ads, and glitches — will make fun of anything we have this clip from YouTuber JMac NBA showing NBA 2K15′s horrible voice acting:

The comments on that video go hard, but mainstream game journos did not say a whisper, not a peep.

Over on Reddit, the community jokes about ugly re-used model files, sweat dripping like there’s no tomorrow, the inclusion of ref sweat, and much more; and you know what? None of those memes made it ton major gaming outlets.

In other words, the NBA 2K community is well aware that the publisher and developer are using them and often make light of the abuse — sometimes using humor or tongue-in-cheek language.

As of now, the three websites simultaneously threw up articles on the “toxic behavior of gamers” regarding 2k20 adding in the WNBA. YouTuber TheQuartering picked up on the hubbub:

If you didn’t watch the video, it covers how mainstream journalist went crazy over random people making spicy memes as usual. The spearheaders, in this case, are Kotaku (, Polygon (, and PlayStation Lifestyle (

Other websites jumped on the moment to score victim points, but the top three could not fathom the Reddit post that spread the following meme on the below tweet:

After the spicy memes hit the web, Kotaku wrote: “NBA 2K Announces WNBA Players, A River Of Sexism Follows.” Polygon wasn’t too far behind either and flung up: “NBA 2K20’s gameplay reveal for the WNBA is met with sickening, saddening mockery.” And the last of the three pushers, PlayStation Lifestyle, wrote: “NBA 2K20 Devs Relentlessly Trolled Over Inclusion of Women But 2K Is Undeterred.”

YouTuber YellowFlash also did a video about NBA 2K20, outlining how gamers are getting banned for making fun of the inclusion of WNBA to the game.

Like always, the sub-Reddit for NBA 2K cracked down on most if not all of the WNBA memes with one mod by the name of Yyy2k noting:

“There’s a pretty fine line between not liking an aspect about the game and just straight sexism.”

So there you have it. Criticizing a game for the inclusion of the WNBA is now “sexism”.

No fun allowed… no fun at all.

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