Kandagawa Jet Girls, Fan-Service Racing Game Heading To PS4; Anime Coming In October
Kandagawa Jet Girls

[Correction:] The anime is airing in October, the game is scheduled to release exclusively on the PS4 but no release window has been set yet.

[Original article:] For some bizarre reason Honey Parade Games and Marvelous Entertainment announced that they have a new game on the horizon, a jet-ski racing game called Kandagawa Jet Girls, which will have a tie-in anime. It looks like it combines Jet Moto with Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, but there’s zero excitement from this camp given that we know how restrictive Sony’s censorship policies are regarding fan-service.

The game was announced on August 1st, 2019 with a debut announcement trailer for the anime. You can check out the minute and a half long opening cinematic below, featuring the cast of characters and the general gist of what to expect.

The intro movie features lots of boob-bouncing and some skimpy clothing for the 12 playable characters, but I tend to doubt that the game will push any of the limits beyond what we see in the trailer above.

Even outspoken free speech activists like Joshua M. French made a public tweet pointing out the irony of putting a fan-service themed game on the PS4 while Sony is cracking down on fan-service and trying to get it removed from their platform.

This becomes even more of an oxymoron move by Marvelous and Honey Parade Games when you look at the fact that Sony is penalizing and punishing players for having images, screenshots, and video clips on their community profile pages from games like Senran Kagura.

The concept of the game seems cool, with one person racing the jet-ski while the other person shoots at the competition. However, putting it on the PlayStation 4 seems like one of the most portent moves Marvelous could have made.

I mean, just last year Kenichirō Takaki forfeited his position at Honey Parade Games and Marvelous Due To Sony’s PS4 censorship policies. It makes zero sense to have a game come out that’s steeped in fan-service only to have it restricted and limited due to those exact same policies that forced one of the most prominent boob producers out of the company.

Kadagawa Jet Girls - Jiggly Boobs

Anyway, we’ll see what becomes of Kadagawa Jet Girls when it launches on the PS4. Hopefully Marvelous is wise enough to port the game to PC and Nintendo Switch, and allow Honey Parade to go buck wild with the kind of content that fans of big-boobed anime games have come to expect.

You can learn more about Kadagawa Jet Girls by visiting the official website.

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