Loca-Love My Community Crush, All-Ages Romance Visual Novel Banned From Steam

Loca-Love My Community Crush Banned

The all-ages version of Frontwing USA’s Loca-Love My Community Crush has been banned from Steam. Why? We don’t know. The title was removed from the Steam store, the community hub was removed from being visible to the public, and the game is now no longer scheduled to arrive at the end of August.

Frontwing had plans on releasing Loca-Love My Community Crush on Steam starting August 31st, 2019. According to the SteamDB entry Valve banned the romantic visual novel on August 8th, 2019.

No reason was given as to why the game was banned and it hasn’t been publicized by Frontwing on their social media accounts as of the writing of this article. However, it definitely looks odd that Valve would ban one of Frontwing’s games shortly after their week-long sale on Steam wrapped up.

If you attempt to access the Steam store page for Loca-Love My Community Crush it just redirects you back to the main Steam page.

However, a web cache of the store page reveals that while the SteamDB entry may have shown that it had adult content, the store page itself had content descriptors that matched the all-ages category. In fact, if you visit the VNDB page, it also confirms that the English version Frontwing was releasing on Steam was the all-ages version of the game.

This is actually the first game in a long while to be banned from the Steam store, especially being the all-ages version of the game as opposed to the R18+ version, which is scheduled to release in Japan.

Loca-Love My Community Crush - Sexy On The Train

Now for clarification, “all-ages” does not mean that this is a game for kids, it’s simply a classification that means that it’s not the R18+ version of the game.

Nevertheless, the romantic visual novel is a standard-fare tale of a budding romance between classmates. It doesn’t make it known that they’re in high-school, but it shouldn’t really matter since the mature content descriptor is fairly tame, mentioning only the following…

“The developers describe the content like this:

Mature and suggestive themes
Mature humor
References to sex or sexuality
Up-skirts depictions”

As we all know, Life Is Strange 2: Episode 3 was far more graphic than that, and Valve refused to remove it from the storefront.

Of course, not every game is judged equally on Steam.

Food Girls, an all-ages game with no sexual content or nudity whatsoever, was prohibited from releasing on Steam until they censored a loli character.

So basically a game may or may not make the cut depending on some arbitrary standards by the content curators and taste police at Valve.

Hopefully Frontwing can release Loca-Love My Community Crush on more accommodating storefronts, such as Jast USA, DLSite, or Fakku!.

I did reach out to Frontwing to ask about the ban from Steam, and if they respond I’ll update the article with their response.

(Thanks for the news tip Doraggon)