London Detective Mysteria Available For Download On PC For The First Time
London Detective Mysteria

With Sony’s PS4 censorship policy ruining a lot of classic niche titles and visual novels, it’s put a huge damper on any sort of game coming out of Japan for the PS4. Thankfully, publishers like Marvelous Entertainment and XSeed Games have wisely taken advantage of the multi-platform landscape of gaming, and have been porting over some forgotten gems and censored projects to greener pastures like PC and Switch. In this particular case, Karin Entertainment’s London Detective Mysteria is getting the PC treatment… or rather has received the PC treatment and is currently available right now on participating digital distribution outlets.

You can grab a digital copy of London Detective Mysteria from the Steam store or as a DRM-free offering on, or from the Humble Bundle Store.

The game is available for just $29.99 but during the first week of release the game is discounted by 10% off the normal price.

One of the things that they make known in the game description for its release on PC is that this version is based on the PS Vita version of the content and not the PS4 version. So you don’t have to worry about censored or butchered scenes that were altered to accommodate the uncultured swine who work as content-policing Communists at Sony.

As noted on the store page…

“London Detective Mysteria comes to Windows PC for the first time, with both it and the English “PlayStation Vita” version including all content previously exclusive to the Japanese PlayStation Vita version known as Eikoku Tantei Mysteria: The Crown.”

That’s really good news because it means that you get the best of both worlds: English language translations but with all the content from the Japanese PS Vita version.

As for the visual novel itself… it’s a mystery romance with a lot of player-choice swirling at the heart of the matter. It will be up to players to decide the fate of the main protagonist, Lady Whiteley.

Players will have to meet up with and intermingle with various famous detectives and personalities from Victorian-era London, England, before the city became overrun with migrant-made knife crimes and acid attacks becoming rampant in the subways.

As Whiteley solves cases with the help of some iconic names such as Sherlock Holmes, and attempts to track down killers like Jack The Ripper, she’ll also have an opportunity to indulge in a romance with these dashing dandies during the pursuit of dangerous killers and the uncovering of mischievous skullduggery.

One of the big selling points of the visual novel is how many branching outcomes are featured in the game, as well as all of the different romantic possibilities afforded to Whiteley.

You can learn more about the game or pick up a digital copy of London Detective Mysteria bv visiting the official website.


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