Lust For Darkness Retail Edition For Switch Has To Undergo Changes To Avoid ESRB’s AO Rating
Lust For Darkness

Port house SimFabric teamed up with Movie Games Lunarium to port over Lust For Darkness from PC to the Nintendo Switch. The game released digitally back in July but SimFabric is working on physical copies as well. Unfortunately, the game ran into some problems but it had nothing to do with the Switch’s hardware and everything to do with the ESRB.

On August 8th, 2019 SimFabric announced that Lust For Darkness patch 1.1.0 was released for the game, and also announced that boxed copies of the game were set to arrive for the Switch.

Obviously gamers were curious about what it meant that the Nintendo of America version was undergoing some changes.

So what sort of changes? Well, for the boxed copy they received feedback from the ESRB, which would have put Lust For Darkness in the Adults Only category.

This is true. Nintendo doesn’t allow Adults Only games on the eShop. However, most major retailers don’t allow Adults Only games on their store shelves either. So there was a bit of a conundrum because it’s possible that Lust For Darkness could receive an AO rating as a boxed copy and still sell for the Nintendo Switch, but it would have to be through a retailer that sells physical copies of AO games.

Additionally, if the digital version of the game received a new rating – and they weren’t entirely clear if it did – then it would mean that it would have to be removed from the Nintendo eShop if that new rating was Adults Only.

A similar incident occurred before with Super Real Mahjong, when a nipple slipped through one of the images and CERO pulled the rating, which meant it couldn’t be sold on the Nintendo eShop. Thankfully they managed to fix the issue and resubmit the game, correcting the problem and making their way back onto the digital e-store.

In this case, SimFabric will have to make some changes to Lust For Darkness, but we’re not quite sure what, in order to nab a lower rating from the ESRB.

We’ll keep an eye on this developing story to see just what has changed for the American retail edition of Lust For Darkness on the Nintendo Switch.

For now, Lust For Darkness is no longer available on the Nintendo of America eShop. However, you can still acquire a digital copy of the game from the Nintendo of Europe eShop.

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