Maneater GamesCom Footage Showcases Humans Being Devoured And Hunters On The Prowl
Maneater Gamescom

Blindside Interactive and Tripwire Interactive’s Maneater is the upcoming reverse-horror game where you play as a man-eating bull shark who is hungry, out for revenge, and looking to chow down on any and everything in its path. At this year’s GamesCom event in Cologne, Germany, Tripwire and Blinside rolled out some new gameplay footage for the upcoming game, detailing some of the mechanics and showcasing how the whole man-eating aspect plays out.

The near ten minutes worth of gameplay footage was captured by none other than IGN, and you can check out the video below.

The pre-alpha footage starts with the shark swimming around in the water, who then quickly jumps up out of the water and onto the dock to rip and shred a poor man to pieces.

Throughout the footage we see the shark feeding on small fish, large fish, and even managing to perform a magnificent leap and chow down on a fat lady standing on some boxes.

The demo of the alpha footage also contains comedic diegesis as players perform certain activities such as leaping out of water or eating certain fish, as well as visiting certain locations.

Throughout the playthrough we see what swimming around underwater at night is like, as well as what it’s like to rip humans to pieces as they fish nonchalantly in the dirty lake.

Maneater - Bright Lights

You can also head ashore, ripping and tearing the fat flesh suits to pieces as you tail whip, chomp, and munch down on the overweight humans.

While the game is mostly about feeding and exploring, there’s also some combat in the game both against other undersea predators and humans armed with rifles and hunting equipment.

Near the end of the demo we see a party of hunters on several boats shooting at the bull shark. In order to defeat them you have to leap out of the water, crunching and tail-whipping enemies into the water until all of the humans are disposed of, at which point the boat is destroyed.

The combat is a little samey, and it looks like it could get boring after a while unless there are different kinds of enemies with different kinds of weapons that utilize different tactics other than just floating around and shooting at you from above.

Anyway, Maneater is still heavily in development and is due out on Steam for PC. You can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page where you can wishlist it ahead of release.


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