Mediaversity Reviews Films Based On Wokeness
Star Wars The Last Jedi

A lot of times when we want to find out if a movie is woke or not, there aren’t many options. Usually we defer to critics from major sites or aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes to give us a glimpse into their mind-space to find out if they think a film is woke or not. However, it’s not particularly reliable and sometimes results in being more confounded than anything. However, there is a website that actually lays out if a movie is woke or not, and rates on how woke it is.

The name of the site is Mediaversity Reviews, and it grades films based on LGBTQ representation, racial representation, gender representation, and religious (which actually translates into Islamic representation).

The curve they grade the films on is A+ through F, and basically only woke films get good grades. The “How We Grade” page breaks it all down, with A+ meaning the movie is “Woke AF” while F means that they don’t think that the movie should have been greenlit.

As pointed out by Jeremy from Geeks and Gamers, they hate films that celebrate masculinity, heterosexuality, and good storytelling if it doesn’t promote the core tenets of Left-wing agitprop.

Yes, even films like Shaft ended up with an ‘F’ rating because even though the cast is majority black, it contained the promotion of guns, promotion of women as sex objects, and it basically ridiculed today’s soy boy culture.

In the review they write…

“The simple storyline, of reuniting father with son for hijinks and growing pains, suffers under the weight of a terrible script filled with sexism, racism, Islamophobia, and homophobia. Samuel L. Jackson plays a parody of himself, ratcheting up the amount of expletives used by the minute. […]


“At every turn, the script elevates the men’s quest to achieve peak masculinity in lieu of anything that could be construed as remotely “feminine”. Shaft repeatedly decries JJ’s “flaws” as the result of “his momma’s shit.” From JJ’s healthy diet, respect toward women, avoidance of firearms, and even to the way he dresses, Shaft derides the way a female authority figure has made his son ‘effeminate’.”

You would think that their harsh criticisms of the plot and character development would have centered around a more implausible facet: a black man reuniting with his son. Yet for some reason that seemed to duly escape the reviewer’s attention.

However, films like the very long and very boring Captain Marvel managed a B+ for its diversity and female empowerment.

Films like Avengers: Endgame and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood both ended up with a C-. In the case of Avengers it didn’t feature enough coloreds in significant roles and not enough female representation – oh, and somehow Thor being fat in Endgame was viewed by Mediaversity as a negative trait for the film because it lacked representation for body positivity, mainly because fat Thor was played off as a joke. For Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, it was more lack of racial representation that earned the film a lowered score, along with what they claimed was treating abuse as a gag.

As pointed out in the Geeks + Gamers video, the top “woke” movie of 2017 was Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The film earned itself an A- for all of the typical tokens one would expect from a so-called “Progressive” outlet.

While it’s easy to see a site like Mediaversity and lampoon it into the dirt, the reality is that some onlookers brought up a really good point about the site: if it scores high then stay away!

In fact, you could actually use Mediaversity to find out which films you should avoid for all of that woke nonsense. Think of it as an inverse guide to finding good films.

The lower the score the less likely it is to contain subversive agitprop.

So the next time you think about seeing a Hollywood flick but you’re worried about whether or not it’s woke, just pay a visit to Mediaversity and if it has a good score… steer clear!

(Thanks for the news tip Centrists=RebrandedSJWs)


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