Moero Crystal Hyper Heads To Nintendo Switch In Japan On September 5th
Moero Crystal Hyper

The Nintendo Switch is set to receive a new Moero game, this time it’s the Japanese release of Moero Crystal Hyper, which is due to drop on September 5th on the Nintendo eShop for 4,000 yen.

Niche Gamer picked up the news from over on the Nintendo eShop, where it lists the sexy dungeon crawler, Moero Crystal Hyper, for a special pre-order price of 2,800 yen ahead of release, but it will run you 4,000 yen at launch.

During this year’s GamesCom Compile Heart rolled out the trailer for the Switch version, featuring a quick look at the characters and their accompanying voice actors. You can check it out below, courtesy of Dante Nintendo Switch World.

As you progress through the game and battle against the hot maidens, you’ll be able to basically disrobe them down to their bra and panties, as evident in the trailer. There’s tons of fan-service stockpiled throughout the play-experience, which is precisely why the game isn’t on the PS4.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention to the last year of policy updates, Sony has a censorship policy in place where they’ve been forcing developers to remove a lot of fan-service content from their games. This has resulted in developers having to delay their projects or remove content to adhere to Sony’s standards. Some developers decided to skip that process altogether and just focus on porting games to PC or the Nintendo Switch.

In the case of Moero Crystal Hyper, the game originally came out way back in 2015 for the PlayStation Vita, as a dungeon-crawling fan-service title, much like the other entries in the Moero series. It was later re-released with Chinese subtitles a year later.

The current Switch version is still in Japanese but it does include the new “Double Scratch” mode and the “Doki Doki STG”.

If you purchased the Nintendo Switch Online points from Play-Asia, you’ll be able to go to the Nintendo Network page and swap your region to Japan so you can purchase the game from the eShop, if you so desire.

As mentioned, Moero Crystal Hyper is due out on September 5th.

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