Naked Story English Localization Upgrade Is Free For Owners Of The Game
Naked Story

Naked Story launched onto Steam back in mid July. WhiteCute and AlphaNuts’ Japanese Sugoroku adventure game tells the tale of a strip battle that takes place throughout the streets of Japan, with the loser having to undergo humiliating punishment in public. The original release didn’t support proper English translations, but the developer has announced that now that localization is complete, those who purchased the game can upgrade to English for free.

The news comes courtesy of a post made on the Steam page for Naked Story, where WhiteCute revealed…

“Translation of the text in the game into English has been completed! I was translated by an USA translation company. All conversations during the game are displayed in English. If you have already bought it, you can upgrade it for free.”

You can currently purchase Naked Story over on the Steam store for $14.99

Naked Story - Hand Covering

The game also has a decensored patch that allows you to remove the mosaic censorship that was applied to the game since it was originally released in Japan, where censorship is required.

The patch is available over on the website in the bottom right hand corner.

It should say “Auxiliary Patch DOWNLOAD”.

Click on it to download the zip file.

The game itself is rather simple, as you walk down the street and engage in a card game. If you win against the heroine it will reduce her HP and she will strip on the street.

The more you win, the more she gets undressed, until finally you get some nice CG sequences of the lascivious-inducing dame baring all as if she were in a boudoir.

I’m actually kind of shocked Valve let this game on their platform given that I would have expected one of them to complain about “child exploitation”, but since the game is more about exhibitionism than actual intercourse, perhaps that’s why they let it slip? Then again, it didn’t stop them from banning a bunch of other ecchi games from the platform that also contained no sex nor any nudity. I guess one shouldn’t complain so long as the game is available for purchase, eh?

(Thanks for the news tip upmx)


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